Piolo Pascual finally speaks up on gay issue: “I’m just a mama’s boy.”!

After Piolo Pascual-KC Concepcion break-up the never ending rumor of his gender resurfaces again!

Piolo is now ready to talk, after months of silence.

This is what Piolo Pascual said in an interview:

“I’d probably admit I’m a mama’s boy. If people say I’m effeminate, then that’s okay because that’s the way my mom brought me up. But she also brought me up to be independent, focused and spiritual. I know myself and I know I’m not gay”

Now that Piolo has finally faces the issue head on, will the rumors about his gender now ends?

Wa\hat do you think?

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  1. WEH, those statements not true at all. No links. Not official statemt. Fabricated article. PIOLO IS GAY PERIOD!

    • I am a gay too. I can exactly discern who are gays and who are not. As I’ve seen photos of Piolo & Sam Milby in youtube in holding hands everything in my mind confirms. It is not a custom of Filipinos man to holding hands if there are real man. It is a gestures of gay lovers. I have a lot of gay friends who married to a woman. Indeed, they are successful in their marriage life. Because nobody deceit. But with some of my friends who got married and pretend to be a real man afterwards they don’t succeed and separated because the truth will always prevails. What I can say with Piolo, he protect and loves his career most and above all! If Piolo will only be honest in the first place to any woman she will get involve to I don’t think he cannot find the right woman for her. But although the worman accepted her of what he is be sure to be dsicreet all the way. Not letting yourself to be caught in the act sleeping with another man. As they will be hurt and get jealous too even it is real man or gay if found sleeping with you nude in your bed…

  2. nillsonchiong says:

    Hi Piol,

    Its nothing wrong with being you are gay. You must accept it if you are gay. Dont be afraid because you are not alone. There are so many gay actors in the USA for example, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Matt Damon and many others more. Be happy because even if you are gay. We are still your loyal fans in the Philippines. Mabuhay ka Piolo. Ikaw ang symbolo ng gays sa Pilipinas. Mabuhay

  3. gemma orido says:

    ay naku piolo kahit pa anung gawin mo ,di na mabubura sa isip namin na” gay “ka nooh…wag ka ng mahiya ,magladlad kana ….kasi nakakaawa lang yung mga babae na ginawawa mong girl friend ,para maging front mo sa totoo mong kasarian….kaya yung mga girls na kinikilig sayo……sana mag isip isip na kayo….at kung sino man ang susunod na babae na maloloko mo ..eh ang tangatanga nya…..ang wish ko nlng sayo eh …galingan mong mag balat kayo……

  4. Hi Piolo,

    I’m your big fan, just be happy, luv what you are doing, your hebrero foundation is awesome, keep up the good work , be yourself, god bless you.

  5. don’t worry piolo may mga tao pa din naman na naniniwala sayo..if ever man nagkamali ako ng paniniwala di pa din kita iiwan,basta wag ka maglaladlad kasi madami taong aalipusta sayo,basta nandito kami to support you..Ingat palage and God bless you…

  6. piolo bading!!!!

  7. who cares??

  8. maria de guzman says:

    thank God for creating good looking people like you , pleasant to look at, don’t care about your life preferences , but you are georgeous and i will continue to patronize you

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