Bianca Manalo and John Prats ‘live-in na’?

Rumor has it, that Bianca Manalo and boyfriend John Prats are now living together.

Many people can attest that they saw Binaca Manaloalmost everyday coming and going in the house of John Prats. Neighbors of John said that it is already ordinary daily routine that they see Bianca come and go in hi house and it is no longer a big deal for them.

Doe this mean that they are now living together? or it is just that Bianca is not busy with work since she is not visible on TV as  her last noontime show folded up.

What do you think?


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  1. I personally know Bianca and her family. Living-in is definitely a no-no. Case closed.

  2. Thank you for defending Bianca. We love her and John Prats. i believe they are from a good family. Some people just want to make an issue and create malicious stories.

  3. catalina baptista says:

    To some reporters, or journalist, please don’t speculate. If you want the truth why don’t you ask Bianca and John instead of asking or interviewing the neighbors. These two couple wanted their privacy so why don’t you leave them alone.You don’t even know if it’s true because instead of stating a fact you are also asking “Bianca Manalo & John Prats -live -in ?

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