Jake Cuenca, Baron Giesler and Lovi Poe topbills gay themed movie “Lihis”!

Jake Cuenca, Baron Geisler and Lovie Poe stars in a gay themed independent movie titled Lihis!

Jake Cuenca has agreed to this challenging movie to be directed by Joel Lamangan, who convinced him to accept the project. This is a very controversial indie film which has a lot of kissing scenes between Jake and co-star Baron Geisler and lots of butt exposure, too.

This movie has an undertone of a political drama ans it revolves around a member of NPA (New People’s Army) with a Lihis. In short Baron wil be playing a role of a “discreet” gay and where Jake character will be involved in.

Also included in the cast are Isabelle Daza and Gloria Diaz.


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