Pedro Calungsod is now the 2nd Pinoy Saint!

17th Century Visayan teen martyr Pedro Calungsod was canonized last Sunday at the Vatican City!

Pedro Calungsod became the second Filipino saint. Pope Benedict XVI is led the Holy Mass and canonization rites in Vatican City for Calungsod and six other Catholics.

Calungsod, now canonized, will hold the title “St. Pedro Calungsod, Lay Catechist and Martyr.” He is the Philippines’ second saint after San Lorenzo Ruiz of Manila, who was canonized in 1987 by Pope John Paul II.

Details of Calungsod’s life are scarce, but according to legend, when he and the mission superior, the Rev. Diego Luis de San Vitores, tried to baptize a baby in 1672, the child’s father angrily refused and, with the help of other natives, began throwing spears at them both.

They were both killed and their bodies thrown into the ocean.

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