Gerald Anderson’s sexiest female celebrity is not Sarah Geronimo!

Gerald Anderson was asked on live TV interview on Bandila by King of Talk Boy Abunda who her three most sexiest!

This is what Boy asked:

“Three girls who you consider sexiest in this country?

Gerald answers:

“One, Cristine Reyes, Anne Curtis and Ms. Karen Davila. “

Who would have thought that Sarah Geronimo‘s name is not included in his sexiest list!

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  1. Maybe Gerald finds Sarah beautiful but not sexy. There is a difference. Anyway if he said Sarah’s name then there would’ve have been more controversies. None of Those ladies are single.

  2. I inclined to believe that Gerald is not really serious when he courted Sarah. That he do not really like and love Sarah. He did it just to please the fans. That he used this only to become popular

    • He was already popular so if you talking about people using people then Sarah is a user too. Because she has the best ratings when Gerald was in her show. Gerald courting her made people see her in a different light so don’t put everything on Gerald. Let’s be real here, stop making Gerald out to be the bad guy here, Sarah couldn’t stand up to her mom and Gerald walked away. He never once said a bad thing about Sarah or her mom. He’s been a gentleman and that’s rare in this business.

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