AiAi delas Alas said in a speech of son’s graduation: “Buti iyong iba may asawa. Ngayon mayroon na rin ako.”!

Many people are wondering if AiAi delas Alas got hitched to Jed Salas without anyone in showbiz noticing about it!

AiAi was invited to his eldest son’s graduation from a culinary school to give a speech and below are some part of her speech saying:

“Lalong lalo na po sa mga single mom na kagaya ko, mahirap po talaga magpalaki ng anak. Buti iyong iba may asawa. Ngayon mayroon na rin ako.”

But , afterwards she denied that she is a married to her younger boyfriend Jed Salas.

This is again her statement:

“Iyon lang ang tawagan namin (Jed Salang, her boyfriend) kasi iyon ang promise namin eh. Ganoon naman kami magtrato eh, as husband and wife pero hindi pa naman legal. Kung paano namin i-treat each other and the families, para kaming mag-asawa. Walang official pero ganoon na iyon.”

On marriage plans:

“Hindi pa. Wala pa. Hindi pa. Saka na iyon.”

So there you are guys, she just considers herself married to boyfriend. . .  hmmm how sweet!

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