Joey de Leon Hosts ‘Hayop sa Galing’ Premieres on Jan. 26!

Hosted by seasoned TV host Joey de Leon, “Hayop sa Galing” puts a new to twist on typical video clip shows as celebrity guests will be treated to heart-pounding challenges related to the videos every Saturday at 8:00 PM beginning January 26 on TV5.


The multi-talented host admitted that he’s familiar with this show format as he was part of then-ABC-5’s hit program “Wow Mali!” which premiered in 1996. The said show then became Philippine TV’s longest running practical jokes-gag show. But Joey related that he can’t outgrow his passion to throw in a few pranks and his signature humor in every show he hosts.

Six of the most gripping animal videos headline the weekly show. Celebrity guests spice up the viewing as the master prankster dares them to accept certain challenges related to the presented animal. To build the suspense, the celebrities’ heart rates will be monitored to gauge just how excited (or scared) they are while doing the task. After all the videos have been viewed and dares have been completed, Joey will declare which video gets the week’s “Hayop sa Galing!” badge.

For its pilot episode, see the most incredible animal encounters ever caught on tape from Animal Planet’s “Untamed and Uncut” documentary series. “Hayop sa Galing” will premiere on January 26, 6:30pm on TV5.

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