Max Collins on having Valentine’s Day date: “It’s the least of my priorities.”!

Max Collins is getting noticed since she started playing a lead role in “Pahiram ng Sandali” opposite Dingdong Dantes!


Max is very proud to work with veterans in the business thus she said:

” I will treasure my experience in ‘Pahiram ng Sandali’ as I learned so much from Ms. LT and Tito Christopher de Leon as my parents, and also from Dingdong Dantes and Alessandra de Rossi. I not only learned about the craft of acting but also about how to be very professional in this business.”

On being loveless this Valentine:

“It’s the least of my priorities. Ngayon pa lang ako nabibigyan ng big breaks, so dito muna ang focus ko.”

On Pancho Magno saying he’s got a big crush on her:

“I’m flattered, but shocked, kasi we haven’t even been introduced to each other. I do hope to meet him someday.”

Is there a chance of her also having a crush on him?

“Like I said, we haven’t met. Importante sa’kin ang personality, especially kung funny siya as I like guys with a good sense of humor. But honestly, I prefer guys na non-showbiz para hindi magulo. My past boyfriends, puro wala sa showbiz kaya mas tahimik.”

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