“Matanglawin” in depth look at Mama Mary this Easter Sunday!

Catholics all over the world consider Easter as the perfect time to celebrate God’s resurrection. But this Sunday (Mar 31) on “Matanglawin,” the spotlight is shed on one of the most venerated women in the Catholic faith— Mama Mary.

mamamary ep

Join Kuya Kim as he listens to some insights from different experts and hear how she must have lived her life before and after she answered “Yes” to the Angel Gabriel.

Also, get to know churches and festivals held around the country in honor of Mary and hear real stories of healing through devotees’ faith in the Mother of Jesus.

Although Mama Mary is an image of love and kindness, she also brings warnings about the end of the world. Will the prophesies like the “Three Secrets of Fatima” come true?

Don’t miss “Matanglawin” this Easter Sunday (Mar 31), 9:30 AM, only on ABS-CBN.

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