Hayden Panettiere on how tough it is growing-up as a child star in Hollywood!

Hayden Panettiere has just revealed how she as a child star avoided a lot of vices growing up in Hollywood!

hayden panettiere

This is what Hayden said with BBC Breakfast :

“I’m no different to anyone else and those same doors were opened to me and they were very easy to walk through—drugs, alcohol, being in inappropriate places where you shouldn’t be at a certain age—it’s a very tough position to be in, but I had great people to pull me back from it.”

On her thought of other child stars, specifically Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan:

“Being a young female growing up in the industry is tough. I grew up in the generation of the wild child—I was guilty by association. So everyone sits there and waits for you to fall off your horse.”

Panettiere adds:

“But as long as you have people who are willing to tell you the truth and are not afraid to tell you the truth and give you a reality check—it makes a world of difference.”

Hayden is a good example of child star who still works as an adult and is living a clean life free of vices.

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