Super Sireyna 2013 winner based her answer on an Article in the Constitution of the Philippines!

Super Sireyna 2013 winner based her answer on an Article in the Constitution of the Philippines!


Francine Garcia aka Kim Chiu from Quezon City bested 7 other contestants to win the coveted Eat Bulaga’s Super Sireyna Queen of Queens 2013. The Grand finals last Saturday, July 27, 2013 at the Resort World Manila Newport Performing Arts Theater in Pasay City.

The question was asked by judge Miss Isabelle Daza and this is the question:

Q:“If you were called to serve in the military by your country, will you accept it and why?

A: “Yes, because I think it doesn’t matter weather you be Sireyna, a man or a woman, the mere fact you are a good abiding citizen, then you are worthy to serve your country and enter the military. Article 3 Section 1 of the 1987 Philippines Constitution states that “No man shall be deprived from his person of life, liberty, property, and in perpetuity without due process of law” thank you!

She won P300,000.00 and half of which will be donated to her chosen charity. She also won the Facebook Dabarkads Choice with P10,000 cash prize.

Special Awards Winners:

Best in Costume: Queen of the Ocean Bembem Radaza (Carla Abellana of Cagayan De Oro City)
Facebook Dabarkads Choice: Queen of the Jungle Francine Garcia (Kim Chiu of Quezon City)
Best in Long Gown: Queen of the Sky Maki Eve Mercedez (Jennylyn Mercado from Cebu)
Super Sireyna Telegenic: Mae Andrada (Marian Rivera of Cavite)
Best in Talent: Queen of the Wind Aya Garcia (Bangs Garcia from Quezon City)

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  1. the Article she quoted is not relevant to the question. This should have been the Article to quote:

    Section 4, Article 2 of the 1987 Constitution provides: “The Prime Duty of the Government is to serve and protect the people. The Government may call upon the people to defend the State and, in the fulfilment thereof, all citizens may be required, under conditions provided by law, to render personal military or civil service.”

    • yes yun ang suit sana sa quote niya ang layo layo nmn ng quote niyang binaggit

    • ok nman ung sagot ni ate imus eh. bill of rights kase sagot nya . it means walang karapatan ung iba na tangalan ka ng buhay, kalayaan, ariarian n hndi dumadaan sa proseso ng batas . related nman ah.. she accept the call of the goverment .

  2. Had Kim Chiu answered that he will not accept the call to serve the military, then Article 3 may be a bit relevant but still “in the event that government calls us to defend the state, it is incumbent upon us, as citizens of the state to rid ourselves of our personal attachments, private interests and selfish desires for a cause larger than any one of us. That is the defense of the state which nurtures our very life, liberty and property.” Thus, the article quoted is irrelevant to the answer.

  3. as in irrelevant ang sagot niya ………. judges review review naman minsan sa phil. constitutions pag my time.

  4. confusing, yes or no ang answer ni mis sirenya. if u use miss rose answer for direct answer it wud b yes. but u were to use d answer of miss sireyna, confusing answer nya na oo pero hindi, kc pwd syang tumanggi sa col ng government, provided by due process.

  5. at hnd cla kamukha ni kim chiu, kht na ung mga ibang canddates.

  6. bill of rights ung sagot nya . tama nman un ah .

  7. what a very brilliant idea

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