Jessy Mendiola on dating Sam Milby: “Single ako at single siya so bakit naman hindi.”!

Wow another showbiz couple are dating, Sam Milby, 29, admits dating Jessy Mendiola, 20!


Sam revealed just last Sunday on The Buzz that he is dating Jessy:
Nililigawan ko si Jessy. She’s aware. I did let her know my intentions, yes. I like her, she’s beautiful. I like her simplicity. Hindi siya maarte.

Sam on their age difference::
I think a lot of times she’s misunderstood too. Masyado siyang bata pero she’s mature for her age. I can’t say na I know her that well but the times that I’ve hung out with her have been fun.”
Jessy confirms dating Sam:
Single ako at single siya so bakit naman hindi. Pero we go out lang naman and hang. Nothing super serious since alam niya priority ko ang career ko. He’s a very sweet and nice guy so I don’t want to close any doors naman and why not let him get the chance na makilala ako and ganoon din ako sa kanya.

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