Was Kat Alano also a rape victim of Vhong Navarro?

Was Kat Alano also a rape victim of Vhong Navarro?

 Kat Alano

Former MTV Philippines VJ Kat Alano is now widely believed to be a rape victim of Vhong Navarro. Following her strong cryptic social media posts about rape believed to be in support of Deniece Cornejo.

As pointed out by Makoy Pare aka Showbiz Bro, co-host of the controversial radio show/podcast “Good Times with Mo”, the 28-year-old radio/TV host first caught the attention of netizens with a post on Facebook last Saturday, January 25 that said:

“Justice from the universe. Thank you. After 9 years. Karma people. Don’t ever underestimate it. Just be patient. The truth always comes out.”

This was followed by another intriguing post the next day

“I think it’s appalling how people are so quick to defend those accused of rape. This is why so many people get raped. That’s a fact.”

Alano continued her tirades with this lengthier post:

“Go out and get raped. Have someone shed you of your dignity, your pride, make you scared and feel vulnerable because you couldn’t protect yourself. Have someone take your right to feel safe in society and violate you as a human being. Then go out and tell your mom, your dad, the police, the doctors and everyone, that you were raped. Sound easy? Shame on everyone who has chosen to say ‘innocent until proven guilty’ for the accused but ‘kill yourself’ for the accuser. Are you proud of yourselves?”

Kat then took to Twitter and continued her tirade. (See her post HERE)



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