Liza Soberano reveals crush on Enrique Gil!

What’s not to like?

That’s what Liza Soberano seems to be saying when asked about her “Forevermore” leading man Enrique Gil.


“It’s not hard to like him, his very likeable and we’re close. It’s fun to have a crush on your best friend,” she said in an exclusive interview.

But more than Gil’s looks, Soberano said she likes the fact that the actor is a family-oriented guy who also “loves animals.”

“Makikita mo talaga na ginagawa niya lahat for his family, for his mother. That he has dreams and in his dreams kasama niya ‘yung family niya. That’s something that I really like about a guy,” she said.

Asked if it is possible that their friendship may develop into something more special, Soberano said: “It’s possible, yes.”

However, the young actress knows their priorities as of the moment such that entering into a relationship is not yet on the table.

“Right now, we both have something we want to focus on and we have things we want to achieve and we’re focusing muna on that,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Soberano thanked the viewers who continue supporting her and Gil on “Forevermore.”

“Natutuwa ako kasi that’s what we want, we want people to like the show. Hindi naman kami nag-iisip na kailangan number one kami basta lang maramdaman ng mga viewers ng ‘Forevermore’ yung story,” she said.

Asked for a message to her fans, Soberano said: “I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and for your continuous love. It warms our hearts up to see your tweets, to see your feedback on Instagram and to make us number one every night.”

“That’s just amazing and we’re really happy and we promise that we will try our best and we will do our best so that we can satisfy your wants sa show namin and I hope you guys mag-enjoy pa lalo sa mga mangyayari sa ‘Forevermore,’” she added.


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