Freddie Aguilar hopes to have a baby boy with young wife!

Freddie Aguilar who got married to a very young wife Jovie Albao in a muslim rites in 2013 is hoping to have a baby soon!


Freddie said:

“Gusto na nga namin as in yesterday. Siya, gustong-gusto niya rin. Pero wala pa. We are waiting for the time of Allah to give us our child.”

He wants to have a baby boy this time around, he already have four girls in previous marriage.

Good luck to freddie and Jovie!



  1. Each of us will be held accountable to all our doings comes the Hereafter. Life is a choice subject to the prevailing circumstances and regulations. For the believers toeing the teaching of our religion is best done in all our undertakings and deals. Freddie Aguilar I firmly believe did right and is doing right – assuming his conversion is not solely for convenience purpose. He chose the right path so to him goes the blessings in both the worlds of the righteous.

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