Kris Aquino on movie with Bistek: “I deserve to experience that happy ending- kahit sa pelikula man lang.”!

Kris Aquino and Herbert Bautista movie is now in the works ans it will be helmed by no less than the Hugot Queen director Tonet Jadaone!

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Kris received a lot of negative comments upon posting the photo above confirming that they will indeed be in one movie. It was a big headline then that their short lived romance ended abruptly.

Kris enumerates the reasons why she agreed to do a movie with ex-BF Herbert on her Instagram with the caption:

I read this quote many months ago, thank you @noringai for sending it… I respect that some of you disagree with my choice, but maybe you should also respect my reasons?
1. It’s just a movie, but we are being given that rarest of opportunities to answer all our WHAT IFs- through the eyes & expressed by the words of the#hugotqueen Direk @tonet_jadaone.
2. The storyline is realistic, family centered, funny, yet still uplifting & inspiring.
3. Come on, a Star Cinema movie is the way we wish life could be: poignant, emotional, lovely, memorable, and with a heart tugging soundtrack…
4. Because I’m not the same Kris I was 15 months ago, and I think I’m a more mature, positive, and “live each day as it comes” version of me.
And 5. Because even if it will only happen in a movie, I deserve to experience that happy ending- kahit sa pelikula man lang.

That’s the last I have to say about our movie, as I said, we don’t start shooting until July. 😊 GOOD NIGHT.

Are you excited to see Kris and Herbert in a romantic movie with a happy ending?


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