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Candice Swanepoel tops 2014 Maxim’s Hot 100, see who made it on the top 10 list!

Victoria Secret model Candice Swanepoel  tops the 2014 Maxim’s Hot 100 List!


The 25-year-old South African beauty bested actress Scarlett Johansson (No. 2), singer Katy Perry (No. 3) and actress Jennifer Lawrence (No. 5

See who made it on the top 10 list:

  1. Candice Swanepoel
  2. Scarlett Johansson
  3. Katy Perry
  4. Irina Shayk
  5. Jennifer Lawrence
  6. Zooey Deschanel
  7. Alessandra Ambrosio
  8. Jessica Alba
  9. Mila Kunis
  10. Cara Delevingne


Colin Farrell, Jessica Beil and Kate Beckinsale covers Maxim!

Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, and Kate Beckinsale of the movie Total Recall are bold in black on the cover of Maxim‘s July/August 2012 issue.

Below are some highlights from the interview:

Kate on her secret skills: “Apparently, I’m very good at firing a gun without blinking, which is unusual. That’s why so many action characters have to wear sunglasses during shootout scenes. That’s my party trick.”

Jessica on fighting a woman: “Kate and I laughed about [fighting each other]. We never get to fight women in our movies, so we never had hair to deal with. I’d fake punch her, her hair would go flying and get caught in my button, and I’d be stuck to her head.”

Colin on his favorite body part: “The big toe on my left foot, because it survived an awful traumatic event nine years ago. I can’t remember [what happened], because I was blacked out, but it ended up with a lot of blood.”

Kate on not wearing panties: “Yeah, I don’t wear knickers. I mean, unless I’m wearing a very short skirt – or maybe if I’m going on a mountain expedition with extra layers. But no, I don’t like them.”

Bar Rafaeli tops 2012 Maxim’s Hot 100!

The supermodel Bar Rafaeli tops Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 list this year !

Refaeli tells the magazine in its issue, on stands May 29, that she was “shocked that among all of these beautiful ladies, I’m number one.”

The top 10 was voted on by readers for the first time.

Below are the top 10 in the list:

  1. Bar Refaeli
  2. Olivia Munn
  3. Mila Kunis
  4. Katy Perry
  5. Olivia Wilde
  6. Jennifer Lawrence
  7. Emma Stone
  8. Megan Fox
  9. Malin Akerman
  10. Adrianne Palicki


Lindsay Lohan sexiness covers Maxim!

Lindsay Lohan made it on the cover of Maxim Magazine which was shot before she went to jail!

Here are some interesting highlight from the interview:

We know you’ve had a very trying week, and we want you to know that Maxim loves you. How are you feeling right now?

I am feeling strong. I’ve experienced a lot in my life, and my mom has given me a lot of faith. This too shall pass.

You just had your birthday. What are you hoping for from the upcoming year?

To focus on myself and my work and to move all press on me to focus on the work I do. Also, I’d like to do more work in India and travel to Malawi.

What is your advice to others about how to cope with adversity?

Stay true to yourself always. At the end of the day, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and be content with the choices you’ve made, and will make, in your life. Go with your gut!

Jiecel Tiu: “Dili ko kabit (I am not a mistress).”!

Source: Sun Star

LAWYER Jiecel Tiu yesterday urged her former boss, Ronda Vice Mayor Jonnah John Ungab, to speak up about the real score between them to put an end to the issue.

“If you still consider me as a friend, please make a public statement,” Tiu told a press conference. “Just this once, I would like to set matters straight, dili ko kabit (I am not a mistress).”

Tiu, accompanied by her sister-lawyers and lawyer Rex Fernandez, called for the press conference yesterday afternoon to “respond to the malicious and false accusations” hurled against her by Ungab’s wife, Pearl.

The Office of the Cebu City Prosecutor will file a criminal case in court today against Pearl for allegedly attacking Tiu with a baseball bat last Feb. 26.

The case will be elevated to the Regional Trial Court after Pearl chose not to undergo a preliminary investigation on the complaint for frustrated murder filed by Tiu, said Assistant City Prosecutor Liceria Rabillas.

Rabillas has yet to determine whether to file a case for frustrated murder or downgrade the complaint to physical injuries.

Although she already filed a complaint for frustrated murder against Pearl, Tiu said there was a need to clarify some issues since “my reputation has already been tried in the court of public opinion.” Her fellow lawyers also encouraged her to clarify rumors of her having an affair with the vice mayor.

Sun.Star Cebu sent Vice Mayor Ungab a text message and tried to call him but he chose not to answer.

Told to resign

Also yesterday, Tiu submitted her supplemental complaint-affidavit and additional affidavits of her witness against Pearl.

Tiu, 31, filed the complaint last Feb. 27 accusing Pearl, 41, of frustrated murder after the latter allegedly rammed her Toyota Vios with pick-up truck, then hit her with a baseball bat in Barangay Cogon-Ramos.

In the press conference held in the office of Atty. Fernandez, Tiu said that Pearl had been harassing her prior to the Feb. 26 incident. Tiu used to work as an associate lawyer in the Ungab, Gealon and Associates law office for four years, until she resigned last year to avoid a confrontation with Pearl.

Tiu said that it was Atty. Ungab who requested her to resign from the law office.

But after she left Ungab’s law office and joined another firm, Tiu said, the vice mayor’s wife did not stop harassing her. “Sige sya gukod nako. Iya ko gi-hunting. Sige siya text nako (She kept going after me and texting me),” she said.

It was only last year, Tiu said, that she learned that Pearl suspected her of having an affair with the vice mayor.


Tiu also denied Pearl’s claim that she (Tiu) tried to hit the vice mayor’s wife and their two-year-old child in the parking lot of Centro Maximo Bldg. along D. Jakosalem St. last Feb. 26.

Tiu’s younger sister, Alisha, said that Pearl attacked them every time she and her husband quarreled. “This is not the first time. That is Pearl’s way to win back her husband,” she said.

Kami tanan pamilya iyang giapil. She has made false accusations against my sister. I demanded for evidence. Why hasn’t she presented any? Pearl is a paranoid, violent person and a very jealous wife,” said Alisha, who is also a lawyer.

Alisha further alleged that Pearl once trespassed on their house in Minglanilla and looked for Jiecel, saying it was a “matter of life and death.” Alisha said that the parents of the vice mayor also sent a letter to the Tius, purportedly to “talk about the alleged affair.”

Atty. Fernandez urged Ungab and his family members to issue a public apology and to clarify the issue. Fernandez said they will file complaints for trespassing, libel, grave oral defamation and damages, among others, against the vice mayor’s wife.

MILF operates a weapons factory in Maguindanao?


MANILA, Philippines – Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano yesterday accused the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) of manufacturing its own weapons, including high-powered firearms that were used in the firefight in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

Cayetano grilled MILF chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal over the machineries and vast armaments supposedly maintained by the MILF despite engaging in peace talks with the government.

The senator cited an address in Barangay Katol, General Salipada Pendatun, Maguindanao as an alleged site of a weapons manufacturing facility of the MILF.

“Can you tell me why this address is significant? Isn’t this the address of the place where the MILF manufactures firearms?” Cayetano asked.

During the hearing, the lawmaker showed a photograph of a Barrett M107 .50 caliber sniper rifle, which has a maximum range of two kilometers.

The photograph was lifted from a website  on M107 infantry.

Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

“This is the one that killed and shattered the skull of many of our SAF commandos. Each of this costs from P750,000 to P1,000,000,” Cayetano said in Filipino.

“A two-month training is not enough because the effective range of this .50 caliber weapon is two kilometers,” he said.

Cayetano also mentioned the Bangsamoro Military Industries (BMI), which has three weapons factories.

Before this, Cayetano showed a portion of the report of the Armed Forces of the Philippines showing a recap on armed groups in Mamasapano.

The slide identified the threat groups as the MILF, Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, Moro National Liberation Front and private armed groups, which have 631 members and 626 weapons.

The location of the threat groups was scattered in the computer-generated map. The positions of the SAF teams deployed for the operations were also pinpointed in the diagram.

Iqbal denied any knowledge of the factory or any existing BMI.

Cayetano pestered Iqbal with questions on the alleged existence of an MILF “academy” in Maguindanao where Malaysian bomb-maker Zulkifli bin Hir, alias Marwan, took refuge during a previous operation.

The MILF negotiator confirmed the MILF used to have an academy in Camp Abubakar, but it no longer exists.

Relieved SAF commander Getulio Napeñas said there was no confirmation of the academy although he had heard the same reports.


New Bilibid Prison OIC begins revamp!

Source: Manila Bulletin

The newly appointed deputy chief of the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) has vowed to implement sweeping reforms at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) in Muntinlupa City in 28 days including the replacement of all prison guards, new visitation rules, enforcing a ban on the entry of construction materials, and a livelihood program that will keep inmates busy and productive.

Atty. Rachel Ruelo, the new officer-in-charge of the BuCor Office of the Assistant Director for Prison and Security and concurrent head of the Correctional Institution for Women (CIW), said that her first task is to replace all the prison guards at the NBP’s maximum security compound. Ruelo, who has 30 years of experience in BuCor, only has less than a month to reform the NBP. By January 19 next year, she will turn 65 years old, the compulsory retirement age in government.

At the House of Representatives, AKO Bicol partylist Rep. Rodel Batocabe and former Justice Secretary-turned 1-BAP partylist Rep. Silvestre Bello III joined Guimaras Rep. Joaquin Carlos Rahman Nava and the House leadership in pushing for a probe into the “serious” and “dangerous” proliferation of illegal arms trade in the country following the seizure of several firearms at the maximum security compound of the NBP.

“Rep. Nava’s revelations, if true, clearly show the sophisticated labyrinth of operations of gun running syndicates. It is because of the complexity of this network  that the business of gun running in the Philippines sends a chilling effect on us, citizens,” Batocabe said after Nava called for an investigation “as to how and why” his firearm reached the NBP and not Germany where it was supposed to be sent for repair.


Ruelo also said they will strictly implement new visitation rules in the NBP. Under the new rule, family members are the first priority. Friends of prisoners, she said, will have to present documents and prove that they can help in the reformation of the prisoner whom they will visit.

She said the “kubol” of the high-profile inmates at the maximum security facility will be turned into a “brigada” or dormitory for old and disabled prisoners.

The entry of construction materials, she added, will also be banned under her watch.

She lamented that the BuCor has been neglected by the Philippine government for decades in terms of modernizing facilities for prisoners.

“Under Section 19, Article 3 of our Bill of Rights, ‘the use of substandard or inadequate penal facilities under subhuman conditions shall be dealt with by law,’” she said, adding that it is the obligation of the government to solve this.

Ruelo said the BuCor needs more prison guards to provide security to prisoners. As of November 30, 2014, the BuCor has 40,720 prisoners at the NBP and six regional prisons in the country but only has 1,914 prison guards. BuCor also suffers from prisoner congestion rate of 168 percent.

“We have poor facility and we need more guns for prison guards,” she added.

Ruelo also plans to revive the program for prisoners that will train them to make handicrafts and other items that can be sold outside.


“The President was right when he got worried about the presence of guns in Bilibid because it evinces how powerful the tentacles of lawlessness are in our society and, worse, we do not even know who are responsible for these. Definitely, it should not only be the executive  branch which should investigate but Congress as well if only to  prevent  our society from being held hostage by all kinds of  evil lords,” Batocabe said.

“The proliferation of arms trade is very serious and dangerous and should be immediately investigated by the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) or the PNP (Philippine National Police),” he said.

Nava’s call was also supported by Speaker Feliciano “Sonny” Belmonte Jr. and Antipolo Rep. Romeo Acop, former PNP comptroller during the leadership of ex-PNP Chief Panfilo Lacson.

Acop, for his part expressed willingness to co-author the resolution that would be filed by Nava to look into the illegal arms trade, saying that it is about time for Congress to step in and address the issue.

Nava said he is “considering all options” to clear his name, including the possible filing of a complaint against Nashe, where he bought Walther PPK with a Serial No. 2004695 sometime in November or December 2011.

The House leadership cited the possibility that Nava could be investigated after his licensed gun was found in the quarters of a convicted drug trafficker at the maximum security compound of the NBP in Muntinlupa City. Belmonte said the 290-man Lower Chamber, specifically the House Committee on Ethics and Privileges could look into firearm controversy hounding Nava.

Nava told the Manila Bulletin that he brought back to Nashe his licensed firearm last July 17, 2013 for repair and since then, he has been waiting for the gun store to inform him if it is already repaired. His gun license was issued on January 4, 2012 and will expire on November 19, 2015.

“Ang problem ko hindi ko na makita ang documentation. Masyado akong naging kampante kasi one of the employees taga amin. I know her grandfather and her family. Yesterday, I went there to retrieve my gun. I was expecting the whole gun would be there, but it was not,” he said.

“Ang kala ko nasa Germany, yun pala sa New Bilibid napunta,” Nava said.


The camp of a convicted kidnapper has questioned the legality of his transfer, along with 19 other high profile convicts, from the NBP to the NBI as part of a crackdown on the alleged illegal drugs trade right at the national penitentiary.

Marilou Golloso Martinez Raguro, brother of convicted kidnapper Noel Martinez, yesterday filed a petition for Writ of Amparo before the Court of Appeals (CA) as she claimed that the arbitrary transfer of his brother from the NBP to the NBI headquarters in Manila violated her brother’s constitutional rights, including his rights to counsel and not to be held incommunicado.

Named respondents in the petition were Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, NBI Director Virgilio Mendez and Bureau of Corrections Director, Franklin Bucayu.

She also asked the CA to issue a temporary protection order (TPO), which will command the respondents to allow Martinez, who is serving his sentence at the NBP after he was convicted by the Tagum City Regional Trial Court in 2006 for kidnapping and ransom, to receive visitors.

“This petition is anchored on Article III (Bill of Rights), Sections 12 and 14 of the 1987 Constitution in relation to the Rule on the Writ of Amparo seeking the issuance of the Writ of Amparo and a Temporary Protection Order against Respondent’s baseless and unlawful transfer and confinement of Noel G. Martinez in the NBI jail facility and the deprivation of his constitutional rights, particularly on the provisions on rights not to be held incommunicado and to counsel,” the 21-page petition said.

“No discretion is therefore left with the Secretary of Justice, much less with the agencies under here, herein BuCor and NBI, to transfer Noel to the NBI facility. This only highlights the utter impropriety and illegality of respondent’s manner of violating Noel’s right,” the petition further said.

Aside from Martinez, the other inmates removed from the NBP were Eugene Chua, Chua Sam Li, Vincent Sy, George Sy, Joel Capones, Herbert Colangco, Peter Co, Amin Imam Boratong, Clarence Dongail, Tom Chua, Rommel Capoines, Jojo Baligad, Willy Chua, Michael Ong, Jacky King Sy, Willy Sy and Herman Agojo.

The convicted drug lords will remain in the NBI until the BuCor has finished the construction of a segregation facility intended for them.

Bagyong Ruby damages 13,000 homes and 22,300 partially damaged in Eastern Samar!


DOLORES, Philippines – Tropical depression Ruby weakened further on Tuesday as the storm crawled across the central Philippines, while rescue workers struggled in its aftermath to reach towns in central provinces where thousands of homes were wrecked.

Nearly 13,000 houses were crushed and more than 22,300 were partially damaged in Eastern Samar province, where Ruby (international name Hagupit) first hit land as a category 3 typhoon on Saturday, local officials said.

“Access is very difficult, roads are spotty. There are landslides, some are one-lane roads. In the inner barangays (villages), many of them are washed out by flash floods,” Richard Gordon, chairman of the Philippine Red Cross, told Reuters.

The typhoon weakened to a tropical depression on Tuesday with maximum winds of 60 kph (37 mph) near its center, as it made a fifth landfall over the Lubang islands, 150 km (93 miles) southwest of capital Manila. It is now moving west towards the South China Sea at 13 kph (8 mph).

More than 2 million people so far have felt the impact of Hagupit, which is Filipino for lash, with nearly 1.7 million fleeing to relatives’ homes on safer ground or packing in to evacuation centers across the central Philippines and south of the main Luzon island, the national disaster agency said.

The 27 people reported killed died in Iloilo province and on Samar island, including 12 residents in Borongan town in Eastern Samar who were swept away by raging waters and flash floods, the Red Cross’s Gordon said, citing initial reports from his field staff.

“A detailed assessment is now ongoing…It’s a long trek (to the villages), it’s like Yolanda all over again,” Gordon said, referring to the local name of super typhoon Haiyan, which last year killed thousands of people in the same areas of central Philippines.

The death toll monitored by the Red Cross is way above the official count of the national disaster agency, which counted three dead so far.

Bank employee Arnalyn Bula told Reuters how howling winds had pounded the walls of her aunt’s two-storey concrete home in Dolores town in Eastern Samar, where her family sought shelter.

“Our kitchen was wrecked. Around us, our neighbors’ homes were flattened like folded paper,” said Bula, 27.

The privately run National Grid Corp, which operates the country’s main transmission lines, said nearly 2 million homes across central Philippines and southern Luzon remain without power.

Despite the toll and damage, there is relief that Ruby has not brought destruction on the scale of Haiyan, which totally or partially damaged more than one million houses in the same areas of the central Philippines.

Learning lessons from Haiyan, which left more than 7,000 dead or missing, authorities had launched a massive evacuation operation days ahead of the storm, emptying whole towns and villages in coastal and landslide prone areas.

Typhoon Hagupit intensifies, stronger than ‘Pablo’!


MANILA – Typhoon Ruby (international codename Hagupit), already classified by the US Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) as a super typhoon, continues to intensify and is now packing 195 kph winds and gusts of up to 230 kph, weather bureau PAGASA said Thursday.

PAGASA senior weather forecaster Chris Perez said Ruby is already stronger than Typhoon Pablo (Bopha), which hit the country last December 1-9, 2012.

Pablo had maximum sustained winds of 185 kph and gusts of up to 220 kph.


Track of typhoon ''Hagupit'' (local name: Ruby) by the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System

Track of typhoon ”Hagupit” (local name: Ruby) by the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System

The JTWC said Hagupit was packing one-minute maximum sustained winds of 287 kilometers per hour (155 knots) and gusts of 351 kph (190 knots) as of 8 a.m. Thursday (Manila time).

The Hawaii-based weather bureau, however, said Hagupit’s one-minute winds could hit 315 kph (170 knots) and gusts of 379 kph (205 knots) by December 5, Friday, at 8 a.m. (Manila time).

The JTWC said Hagupit could maintain this wind strength until December 6, Saturday, at 8 a.m. (Manila time).

Super typhoon ”Yolanda” (international codename Haiyan) also had 315 kph winds in November last year.

PAGASA weather forecasters, however, said Ruby is too close to the Philippine landmass and may not reach “Yolanda” intensity winds.

“There is no indication na ma-ri-reach yung Yolanda. Malapit-lapit na siya, mukhang hindi mangyayari na aabutin niya yung strength ni Yolanda,” PAGASA acting administrator Vicente Malano said.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), meanwhile, has categorized Hagupit as a violent typhoon, the highest in the weather bureau’s classification of cyclones.


Philippine state weather bureau PAGASA, meanwhile, raised public storm warning signal number 1 over Northern Samar, Eastern Samar, Samar, Biliran, Leyte, Southern Leyte, Surigao del Norte, Siargao Island, Surigao del Sur, and Dinagat.

PAGASA said as of 11 a.m. Thursday, Hagupit was spotted 860 kilometers east of Surigao City.

The state weather bureau said Hagupit — – which was locally named ”Ruby” after it entered the Philippine area of responsibility today – was packing maximum sustained winds of 195 kph near the center and gusts of up to 230 kph.

It should be noted that PAGASA measures the wind strength of a typhoon at an average of 10 minutes.

PAGASA said Hagupit has slowed down and is now moving west northwest at 20 kph.

PAGASA said Ruby is expected to be 395 kms east southeast of Borongan, Eastern Samar on Friday morning.

On Saturday morning, Hagupit will be 30 kms northeast of Borongan, Eastern Samar.

Hagupit will make landfall over Samar area before noon Saturday.
By Sunday morning, it is expected to be at 20 kms south Southwest of Romblon.

According to PAGASA, an estimated rainfall amount of 7.5 – 20 millimeters per hour (heavy – intense) is expected within Hagupit’s 700- km diameter.

PAGASA said Hagupit was still too far to affect any part of the country.


The JTWC said Hagupit was maintaining a ”west-northwestward trajectory under the steering influence of the subtropical ridge.”

This means that Hagupit was heading towards the Philippines as its upward movement was being blocked by the subtropical ridge, a large belt of high pressure in the northern hemisphere that is referred to as an anti-cyclone system.

”Expect favorable sea surface temperatures, along with continually favorable upper-level conditions to allow the system to slowly further intensify,” the JTWC said.

In the JTWC model, Hagupit is seen heading slightly north and towards Luzon, avoiding a direct landfall over the Yolanda-hit region of Visayas.

The JTWC said both models provided by the Coupled Ocean/Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System (COAMPS) and Global Forecast System (GFS) have been consistently showing Hagupit moving ”poleward” due to the weakening of the high pressure system.

The US weather bureau, however, said the models provided by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMF) and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (BFDL) show Hagupit continuing its westward track into central Philippines, indicating that the weakening of the high pressure system may not be pronounced enough to make the weather system re-curve and move towards southern Japan.

With the significant differences in the weather models, the JTWC said there is ”low confidence” in the accuracy of the extended forecast track of the Hagupit.

”There is low confidence in the extended forecast track due to the significant bifurcation in the models and the possibility of an alternate forecast scenario, with the system either significantly recurving east of the Philippines or tracking westward into the southern Philippines,” the JTWC said.


The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS), meanwhile, has raised a red alert for Hagupit.

It said the typhoon ”can have a high humanitarian impact based on the maximum sustained wind speed and the affected population and their vulnerability.”

The GDACS said the population that could be affected by Category 1 (120 kph) wind speeds or higher is 800,000.

As of Wednesday evening, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and PAGASA said more than 44 provinces have been declared as critical areas. These provinces are expected to experience heavy to intense rains and strong winds.

56 ‘critical’ areas due to ‘Hagupit’ (Super Typhoon Ruby) Revealed!


MANILA, Philippines – The government on Wednesday listed 56 areas considered as “critical” due to the threat of Typhoon “Hagupit.”

According to the list, which was shared on Twitter by state-run Panahon.TV, 44 areas are under alert level “C” and may experience heavy to intense rain and winds of 95-110 kilometers per hour (kph).

These areas would suffer heavy damage to agriculture, moderate to heavy disruption of electrical power and some large trees may be uprooted.

Areas under alert level “B” may experience moderate to heavy rainfall, winds of 30-60 kph and moderate damage to agriculture. Few large trees may be uprooted and some iron roofing may fall off.

Those under alert level “A” may expect also expect moderate to heavy rainfall and winds of 30-45 kph.

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration PAGASA) spotted Hagupit at 1,543 kilometers east of Davao City at 10 a.m. today.

Hagupit was bearing maximum sustained winds of 140 kph near the center and gusts of 170 kph. It was moving west northwest at 30 kph.

PAGASA expects the strong typhoon to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility on Thursday and make landfall over Eastern Visayas by Saturday.

In a televised press briefing, Defense Undersecretary Alexander Pama said the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council has been placed under red alert in preparation for the approaching typhoon.




Alert Level “C”

Camarines Norte
Camarines Sur
Occidental Mindoro
Oriental Mindoro
Eastern Samar
Negros Occidental
Negros Oriental
Northern Samar
Southern Leyte
Agusan del Norte
Agusan del Sur
Compostela Valley
Davao del Norte
Davao Oriental
Dinagat Islands
Lanao del Norte
Lanao del Sur
Misamis Occidental
Misamis Oriental
Surigao del Norte
Surigao del Sur
Zamboanga del Norte
Zamboanga del Sur

Alert Level “B”

Davao del Sur
North Cotabato
Zamboanga Sibugay

Alert Level “A”

Camarines Sur
Metro Manila
Sultan Kudarat
Zamboanga City

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