“Etiquette for Mistresses” Movie Poster and Trailer!

Srtar Cinema has just released the official movie poster and trailer for “Etiquette for Mistresses starring Kris Aquino, Kim Chiu, Claudine Barretto, and Iza Calzado.

Etiquette For Mistresses Movie Poster

All the mistresses in one hell of a movie.

Watch the trailer below:


Claudine Barreto on reconciling with sister Marjorie: “Okay na, tapos na ‘yun.”!

Claudine Barretto graces niece Julia’s debut party and met her sister Marjorie whom she a a feud for the longest time!

Screen shot 2015-03-12 at 11.52.06 AM

Claudine on being invited to Julia’s debut party:

“I was so touched, I cried, I was overjoyed. There’s nothing else, I want but to see my nieces and nephews tonight. So this is a very special night dahil sa debut ni Julia magkakasama kaming lahat and my dad is so happy right now.”

On meeting Marjorie after years of feud:

“I don’t know how I feel but after all she’s my sister. Okay na, tapos na ‘yun.”


Claudine Barretto gets busy being a mom and reveals new face enhancement!

Claudine Barretto is not visible these days in showbiz and what’s making her busy with her time is her two children!

Screen shot 2015-02-26 at 4.02.10 PM

Claudine makes herself busy being a single parent to her son and daughter. She is very proud since the school year is about to end and her son Santino is a second honor student and Sabina is one of the top 10 brightest students in their respective classes.

Claudine reveals that even thought last year was a tough year for her personally she still did her best to be a mom to her children.

It is also apparent that there are something different about her face lately and she reveals that she had her eye bags removed and her losing weight though is not through liposuction but a strict diet.




Raymart Santiago on getting back with Claudine Barretto: “Wala nang chance ‘yun.”!

Actor Raymart Santiago doesn’t believe in second chances when it comes to his marriage to Claudine Barretto!


Raymart has this to say in finality over his marriage:

“Wala nang chance ‘yun. Wala nang second chance ‘yun. Puwede pa, sa friendship.”

He is not involved with anyone right now since he doesn’t want to involve anyone in his “complicated” life at the moment.


Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago celebrates son’s birthday (Photo)!

Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago celebrates the birthday of their son Santino together as if they are not suing each other in court!


And some photos from Claudine Barretto’s Instagram:

“Great party! anything gor my Kiddos:) @santino2007 @sabina_2004”


Raymart Santiago on Claudine Barretto’s gruesome photos on social networking sites: “Dun [sa korte] dapat pinag-uusapan yung mga kasong ‘yan; hindi sa Twitter, hindi sa Instragram.”!

Raymart Santiago was recently interviewed on they want to know his opinion on the photos that his estrange wife Claudine Barretto is posting on her social networking site!



This is what Raymart has to say:

 “Hindi ko alam, hindi ako nagpa-follow.

Some photos were stages of thew wonders of make-up to hide some black and blue marks on her face, the other was her black scars on her thighs.

On his opinion about it:

“Dun [sa korte] dapat pinag-uusapan yung mga kasong ‘yan; hindi sa Twitter, hindi sa Instragram.”


Claudine Barretto’s lawyer on posting make-up photos: “We wished to emphasize the ‘magic’ of make-up skillfully applied, which can hide even the most horrific of imperfections.”!

The social media went abuzz when Claudine Barretto‘s lawyer Atty. Ferdinand Topacio posted a series of photos where Claudine had a make over by using the magic of make-up to hide bruise on her face.


This is what Topacio said:

“We posted those pictures in response to insinuations that the scars on the legs of our client were of recent vintage, since older pictures of her were compared to her recent ones, which older pictures showed her without any scars on her legs.”

On why he posted a series of photos of Claudine with bruises and the result of make over in his twitter with a caption “battered” and “black-and-blue,” :

“We wished to emphasize the ‘magic’ of make-up skillfully applied, which can hide even the most horrific of imperfections.”

“Claudine, being a celebrity, would certainly be loathe to parade her scars in public before, and would endeavor to hide them with the use of cosmetics. It’s that simple.”

On posting the how the camp of Claudine’s estrange husband Raymart Santiago on the said photos:

“We did not impute the infliction of Ms. Claudine Barretto’s injuries to Mr. Santiago. We mentioned no names. We did not accuse him of any crime.”

“So why the violent reaction? To use a colloquialism, ‘defensive much?'”


Raymart Santiago reveals Claudine Barretto alleged battered photos are are taken after undergoing surgery!

Claudine Barretto‘s legal counsel, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, took to Twitter over the weekend to post three undated photos of the actress, apparently with bruises on her face, before and after applying makeup.


Topacio said of the photos:

“We are not making this up. The scars have been there all along. In conclusion, no woman would deliberately make herself ugly. Who inflicted them? I leave it to you guys.”

“To all those who say maliciously that the wounds are a fabrication, may you suffer what Claudine has suffered.”

However, Raymart Santiago revealed that the photos of his estranged wife Claudine Barretto taken during a Holy Week vacation in 2010, after she had undergone a plastic surgical procedure.

See the photo below:


Who is telling the truth? Is it Raymart or Claudine’s attorney?


Claudine Barretto bares scars and wounds (photo): “Ina-accept ko na battered wife ako, . . “!

A week after Claudine Barretto posted a photo of her with estrange husband Raymart Santiago together with their children Sabina ans Santino on Instagram with a caption “Happy Day”, she released a photo of herself showing scars and wounds around her thighs.


Claudine further revealed that this is the first time she showed her wounds and scars for the first time that even her family have not seen it before.

Claudine on revealing the photo:

“Ina-accept ko na battered wife ako, so, para makatulong din sa iba, lumabas na rin ako.”

Claudine’s physician, Dr. Acel Ampong-Chicano described the wounds as:

“Hyper-pigmented, sobrang itim… ibig sabihin matagal na. Matagal nang nangyari ’yun, hindi ’yung bago pa lang.”

But Claudine did not name who was responsible for her wounds and scars. Who could have inflicted her those wounds?


Claudine Barretto to husband’s lawyer: “Ruth Castelo. BACK OFF!!!”

According to a very reliable source close to Claudine Barretto, there is a big possibility that the the start of a new relationship with estrange husband Raymart Santiago will not last long because of Raymart’s lawyer Atty. Ruth Castelo medling ways!

This is apparent in the shout out of Claudine in her Instagram account:

calu1 clau