Pinoy Finalists in Asia’s Got Talent got standing ovation, will a Pinoy end up a Grand Winner?

Source: Manila Bulletin

Will the first grand champion of “Asia’s Got Talent” come from the Philippines?

Four of the nine finalists in the talent show are Filipinos, namely, shadow play group El Gamma Penumbra, classic singer Gerphil Geraldine Flores, 10-year-old singer Gwyneth Dorado and acrobatic dance group Junior New System.

The four Filipino talents earned a standing ovation from the four judges— Hollywood music producer-composer David Foster, former F4 member Vanness Wu, Indonesian music icon Anggun and former Spice Girls member Melanie C, during the grand final performance night that aired on Thursday, May 7.


Gwyneth, who covers different songs online, performed Sia’s “Titanium” during the finals. Anggun described her performance as “nearly perfect,” while Vanness noted her “powerful and elegant” stage presence.

“You made us listen to the words of the song, you made us listen to every single note you sang. It was nearly perfect,” Anggun said.

David praised Gwyneth for taking his advice.

“I’ve always adored you. But tonight, I’m in awe of you. That was such an incredible performance. I absolutely love it. When you came out in the auditions, you have this attitude and confidence. You’ve just really blossomed. Tonight, you’re just really incredible,” Melanie C. told Gwyneth.

Shadow dance group El Gamma Penumbra’s touching performance of “Colors of the Wind” depicted how people abuse mother earth. The group, which previously joined the local franchise in 2010, secured a spot in the finals having earned the Golden Buzzer from the judges.

Anggun was in tears because of the group’s “wonderful performance” and the message they imparted.

“What really touched me, what made me fell in love with you and your performance is the possibility that the message you put in your performance is endless. Tonight, you raised awareness how important mother nature is and the animals. Our job as entertainers, we are here to entertain people, but if we can raise awareness, that makes our job more noble,” she said.

Since the audition, Gerphil has consistently impressed the judges. She performed “The Impossible Dream,” which Melanie thinks is “magnificent.”

Just like El Gamma Penumbra, Gerphil advanced to the show after earning the Golden Buzzer from David. Gerphil also joined the local franchise show in 2010, but only made it to the semi-finals.

“My golden girl, you just made the dream possible. You absolutely killed it. I promise you the world is gonna know about you, that’s a promise,” David told the classic singer.


Junior New System gave a football-inspired dance performance. David noted how it looked like watching the Super Bowl in three minutes.

“You managed to get me to the Super Bowl. I watch the whole game, you played the two teams, I saw the cheerleaders and half time performance. I don’t know how you do it,” David said.

Vanness, who is also known for his dancing skills, praised the group for their “flawless” performance.

“I love the energy, the technical difficulty of your dance moves. It was flawless for me. Great job,” he said.

The grand finals of “Asia’s Got Talent” is on May 14. (