Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Angelina, Ellen and more squeeze in for greatest Oscar Selfie Ever!

Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Angelina, Ellen and more squeeze in for greatest Oscar Selfie Ever!

Oscar Selfie

Ellen DeGeneres approaching Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, and then Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie , Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita Nyong’o, Jared Leto, Bradley Cooper, and Kevin Spacey. (The A-plus list shot was crashed by Nyongo’s brother). As of this posting, the selfie has been retweeted more than 500,000 times.




Must Watch: GenSan YouTube Sensations Aldrich Lloyd Talonding and James Walter Bucong graces “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”!

GenSan YouTube sensation  cousins Aldrich Lloyd Talonding and James Walter Bucong made their American TV debut on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday, September 13, four months after DeGeneres discovered the video.

aldrich lloyd talonding on ellen

The Filipino boys whose video was uploaded on YouTube and became viral with their live performance of  Luther Vandross hit “Dance With My Father” were flown by comedienne-host Ellen DeGeneres to the United States recently, to perform on her show.

During Thursday’s episode, DeGeneres interviewed the two cousins, who are B’laan natives from General Santos City. She asked them about how their life changed after their YouTube video became an online hit.

“People started recognizing us along the streets on in the malls. They even recognize us in the restrooms. That’s weird,” Talonding said.

Bucong added, “Many people do recognize me, especially girls. So it feels awkward when they say that they love me!”

Talonding, 14, and Bucong, 20, then performed live the song that made them famous in the internet, receiving a standing ovation from the audience.

After their performance, DeGeneres gave Talonding a set of musical instruments and $10,000.

The GenSan boys now join the growing list of Filipino talents that have appeared on the popular talk show, who include Charice Pempengco, Zendee Rose Tenerefe, Arnel Pineda, Rhap Zalazar and Fil-Canadian Maria Aragon.

Watch the video below:



Who’s Who In “Finding Nemo” 3D!

Marlin’s journey along the Great Barrier Reef to rescue his son Nemo is filled with a host of colorful underwater characters. Optimistic but forgetful friend Dory joins him on the adventure, which introduces the sheltered Marlin to everything from a trio of sharks practicing a self-help program to a bale of hip sea turtles who know their way around the East Australian Current. Meanwhile, Nemo—snatched from the reef by a diver—finds himself in an aquarium at a dentist’s office, surrounded by a group of spectacular saltwater friends known as the tank gang.

These iconic characters and the roster of talented actors that helped make them so memorable are what make Disney Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” a favorite among moviegoers.Who’s Who In “Finding Nemo” 3D!

Marlin is a fretful and slightly neurotic clownfish father voiced by the acclaimed actor/director/comedian Albert Brooks (“Drive”). He sports just three stripes (“One, two, three—that’s all I have?”) and for a clownfish, he’s not as funny as one might expect. But he’s fiercely protective of his son Nemo, wanting to do everything he can to make sure nothing ever happens to him.

Director Andrew Stanton said Brooks was a pro at maximizing his scenes. “Even when his character wasn’t asked to be funny in a scene, he knew exactly how to play it for entertainment.”

Dory is the eternally optimistic and forever forgetful blue tang brought to life by the Emmy®-winning comedian Ellen DeGeneres who was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance. “She brought a real kindness and gentleness to the part, along with rhythm and quirkiness,” said Stanton of DeGeneres’ performance.

Nemo is an adventurous young clownfish born with a bad fin, though his overly protective father calls it his “lucky fin.” After being captured by a diver and dropped in an aquarium, Nemo meets an oddball tank gang who dub him “Shark Bait” and help him hatch a plan to escape back to the ocean to reunite with his dad. Alexander Gould (“Weeds”) was 9 years old when he lent his voice to Nemo, and he “brought a genuine, untainted quality to the voice of Nemo,” said Stanton. “It’s amazing how many kids have some preconceived notion of what a good actor should sound like. Alex sounded real and he totally understood direction. We were really lucky to find him.”

Gill is the brooding moorish idol leader of the tank gang who takes newcomer Nemo under his fin. Willem Dafoe (“Platoon”) gave voice to Gill, who—like Nemo—hails from the big blue. He’d give anything to go home.

Bloat is a blowfish with a tendency for emotional as well as literal blow-ups. Voiced by Emmy® winner Brad Garrett (“Everybody Loves Raymond”), Bloat conducts the tribal ceremony officially dubbing Nemo as “Shark Bait” and welcoming him into the tank gang.

Peach is an astute starfish who has her eyes peeled at all times on behalf of the entire tank gang. Allison Janney (“The Help”) provided the voice for Peach, a perceptive matriarch who keeps a protective eye on Nemo.

Gurgle is a quick-to-panic royal gramma with a fear of germs. He’s voiced by film and stage veteran Austin Pendleton (“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”). Despite his disdain for dirt, he’s all drama when the dentist foils their messy escape plan with a new tank cleaner. “Curse you Aqua Scum!”

Bubbles is a bubble-obsessed yellow tang. Stephen Root (“J. Edgar”) lent his voice to the effervescent character. “Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles!”

Deb (& Flo) is a reflective blue-and-white humbug damsel fish who believes her reflection is her twin sister. Voiced by Vicki Lewis (“How I Met Your Mother”), Deb is always in touch with her “twin sister” Flo, who is always there when Deb needs her. But Deb secretly doubts Flo’s mental capacity—“She’s nuts.”

Jacques is a fastidious cleaner shrimp. Late Pixar storyman Joe Ranft (“Toy Story 2” as Wheezy, “A Bug’s Life” as Heimlich the caterpillar) gave Jacques a debonair French accent. “Voila! He is clean.”

Nigel is a gossipy Australian pelican who’s befriended the tank gang despite the potential conflict of interest. Academy Award®-winning actor Geoffrey Rush (“The King’s Speech”) gave a top-flight performance.

Coral is Nemo’s mom who meets an unfortunate fate. Elizabeth Perkins (“Weeds”) gave voice to Coral.

Crush, the unflappable sea turtle voiced by director Andrew Stanton, is the ultimate laidback dad that throws Marlin for a loop. Crush’s biggest fan is offspring Squirt who agrees with his dad that almost everything is awesome and righteous.

Mr. Ray is a musical manta ray teacher. Pixar veteran Bob Peterson, one of the screenplay writers for the film, provided Mr. Ray’s popular pipes, known for clever, rhyming songs like, “Seaweed is cool. Seaweed is fun. It makes its food from the rays of the sun.”

Bruce is a great white shark who desperately wants to stop eating fish. Voiced by Barry Humphries (Dame Edna Everage), Bruce holds meetings for he and his shark companions to share their problems and practice their motto—“Fish are friends, not food.” Bruce’s vegetarian efforts get derailed when a minor injury to Dory changes his friendly demeanor.

Anchor is a soft-hearted hammerhead shark who believes a group hug can help his shark pals’ problems. Eric Bana (“The Time Traveler’s Wife”) lent his voice to Anchor.

Chum is the hyperactive mako shark who “misplaces” his fish friend. Bruce Spence provided his voice.

Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International, “Finding Nemo” 3D will be released across the Philippines in Digital 3D™ for a limited theatrical engagement starting December 5.


Zendee Rose Tenerefe on Ellen guesting: “Iba na po ‘yung feeling kapag nag-perform ka na po doon parang wala ka na sa sarili.”!

Zendee Rose Tenerefe the “random girl” in YouYube videos that made her a household name, just arrived from Ellen Degeneres Show guesting!

Tenerefe arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 in Manila on Sunday morning.

On her US trip and guesting:

“Masaya po napakabait po nila doon. Iba na po ‘yung feeling kapag nag-perform ka na po doon parang wala ka na sa sarili. Thankful pa din ako siyempre kahit papaano may [naka-appreaciate] naman sa tallent ko.”

On her performance:

“Actually po nung kumakanta po ako parang gusto ko na rin pong umiyak kasi ‘yung mga tao umiiyak… Doon na ako umiyak nung niyakap na ako ni Ellen.”




Maria Aragon pinabilib si Ellen DeGeneres!

Tuloy na tuloy na talaga ang takbo ng career ng YouTube singing sensation ng Pilipinang si Maria Aragon ng Canada.

Pumatok na pagkanta ng bagets sa Born This Way ni Lady Gaga, lumabas si Aragon at naipakita niya ang galing ng kanyang boses sa sikat na television program sa Amerika na The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Isa niyang pangarap na natupad ka­makalawa.

Mainit na tinanggap ni DeGeneres sa kanyang show ang Filipino-Canadian singer.

Sa video clip na ipinoste sa website ng show, tinanong ni DeGeneres ang 10-year-old kung kailan ito nagsimulang kumanta. Sagot ng ba­gets, simula noong tatlong taong gulang pa lamang siya.

Nang tanungin kung ano ang nagtulak sa kanya na gawin ang cover ng Born This Way, sinabi ni Aragon na ito ay dahil sa makahulugang lyrics ng kanta ni Lady Gaga.

“Dahil po sa kahulugan ng awitin. Malaki ang kahulugan niya. Tungkol ito sa iyong sarili dahil ginawa ng Diyos ang kung ano ka at hindi ka naiiba sa ibang tao,” sabi pa ng batang singer na unang nakausap ang popular Hollywood singer sa isang local radio station at naka-duet pa ito.

Pinayuhan naman sa show ni DeGeneres ang batang Pilipina na samantalahin ang bawat sandali lalo na sa darating na totoong duet nila ni Lady Gaga sa Toronto.

Dahil sa katuwaan sa kanyang pagkanta, binigyan si Aragon ng audience ng standing ovation.

Niregaluhan din ng TV host ang bagets ng isang iPad at iba pang cool gadgets.

Panoorin ang Video sa baba: