Freddie Aguilar hopes to have a baby boy with young wife!

Freddie Aguilar who got married to a very young wife Jovie Albao in a muslim rites in 2013 is hoping to have a baby soon!


Freddie said:

“Gusto na nga namin as in yesterday. Siya, gustong-gusto niya rin. Pero wala pa. We are waiting for the time of Allah to give us our child.”

He wants to have a baby boy this time around, he already have four girls in previous marriage.

Good luck to freddie and Jovie!


Meagan is back on her feet after dad Freddie Aguilar threw her out of the house!

Meagan Aguilar is now back on her feet and thanks to her dad Freddie Aguilar whom she said threw her out of the house after a spat that includes his young wife.


There is always a rainbow after the storm indeed! Meagan has now a regular job as a lounge singer at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel and is now financially dependent.

This is her story:

“When Tatay (Freddie Aguilar) threw us out of his house, I was scared. Where will we go? What would happen to my 4-year-old daughter Anaya and my 8-month-old baby Mahi Vae? Suddenly, we were homeless. But I realize now that sometimes tragedy is a blessing in disguise.

“I’ve been performing at the lobby of the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel for four evenings a week since the first of July. Recently, Ms Vivian Velez and friends were there. They stayed to watch me and I had a chance to chat with them after my last set.

“You are a nice addition to the warm ambience of this lobby,’ she told me. They loved my repertoire of blues and jazz songs, which is very different from the music usually played in hotel lobbies in the country. My Tito Stephen Pollard, who is British and has traveled to 100 countries, told me most hotel lobbies in the world play what he calls ‘elevator music.’

“I explained to Ms Velez that Edsa Shangri-La Hotel management decided to change the lineup of singers in their lobby to offer better music to their clientele.

“I am eternally grateful to Simon Côté, a French-Canadian and one of the hotel’s executives, who came up with the novel idea. He made me feel instantly at home.

“Ms Velez, her friends and other prominent guests have expressed their appreciation of the new concept.
“‘The new format is brilliant,’ they would often tell me.

“Before Ms Velez and her pals left, she hugged me and said, ‘I hope they keep you here.’

“Nadia Montenegro and friends have also dropped by, to watch my show. Same with Toni Rose Gayda, who is a very good friend of my Tita Marlene Aguilar. She came to see me with her son John Lim and their group of friends. John and his friends have since returned and watched me again.

“I feel fortunate that I’m getting the support of these celebrities, along with their families and friends. I’m also very happy and grateful because the management and staff of Edsa Shangri-La Hotel have been very kind to me.”



Freddie Aguilar’s anak’s latest message to Dad!

Now that Meagan Aguilar is settled to a new condo unit and picking up the pieces after allegedly being thrown out of her father Freddie Aguilar‘s house, she is more at peace!


Here’s Ka Freddie’s (estranged) Anak’s update, which she sent  via Facebook:

“We have found a nice condo to move to. We’re eating and resting better. And, strangely, we are happier and more at peace being away from my immediate family.

“We intend to keep it this way indefinitely. And the best part of it all is my three  titas (Freddie’s sisters: Marlene, Tess and Aida) are all on my side, as they’ve always been since I was little.

“Lola Salud (Freddie’s mom) and my three titas were the ones who raised me. When my parents tried to take over my life, I was already 15.

“We hardly knew each other, but I now realize that I’ve always loved my mom more than my father. I just did not have the guts to say it before, but now I do. And as for his new wife: You better watch out because a strong typhoon is about to tear you apart. It’s God’s will that brought this storm your way …  not me.”





Freddie Aguilar on spat with daughter: “I wish Maegan all the best as she moves on and takes responsibility of her own life.”!

Megan Aguilar made public her spat with legendary OPM icon father Freddie Aguilar ( See related post HERE)!


The 61-year-old singer said in a statement sent to ABS-CBN, that he finds “unfortunate that my daughter decided to take a private matter to the press.”

And he added:

“I have been supporting my 35-year-old daughter and her family for many years now and have no intention of dragging her through the mud for entertainment’s sake.”

And with finality:

“I wish Maegan all the best as she moves on and takes responsibility of her own life,” he said in his statement. “It is because I love my daughter that I choose to say nothing more on this matter.”


Freddie Aguilar-Jovit Gatdula Wedding Photos revealed!

The 60-year-old Freddie Aguilar (Abdul Farid in Muslilm) and his 16-year-old wife Jovi Gatdula wedding took place last Friday afternoon in Buluan, Maguindanao!


Agiular who converted into Islam in order to wed his 16-year old girlfriend, in the traditional Islam rites.

See the rest of the the photos below:


Freddie Aguilar marries 16-year-old GF under Islamic rites Today!

Freddie Aguilar  converted into Islam in order to marry his 16-year old girlfriend!


According to reports the music legend and girlfriend is set to get married today, November 22 in an Islamic rites at 3 p.m. in Maguindanao.

Maguindanao Governor Esmael Mangudadatu will stand as principal sponsor.

The couple earlier planned to get married in two years when she turns 18, but it seems that the controversies that hound their relationship made them decide to get married as soon as possible.

Aguilar’s girlfriend will turn 17 on November 29.



Freddie Aguilar failed to attend Preliminary hearing of Qualified Seduction case!

Freddie Aguilar failed to attend Preliminary hearing of Qualified Seduction case!


Veteran singer Freddie Aguilar failed to attend a preliminary investigation hearing of the Quezon City Prosecutor’s office into the qualified seduction case filed against him.

Complainant Atty. Fernando Perito said that he did not intend to destroy the singer’s character, he was just trying to tell the singer that publicly acknowledging his romantic relationship with a minor is against the law.

The “Anak” composer announced his romantic affair with Jovi Gatdula a 16 years-old in October.

Perito, advised the singer that if his intentions are pure with the teenager, he can just visit the girl in her house regularly, support his studies and get into a serious relationship when the girl turns 18.

With supplemental evidence, Perito intended to file a child abuse case and temporary restraining order (TRO) at the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office.

The prosecutor has scheduled the next hearing at 2 p.m. on November 25, where Aguilar would be given another chance to defend himself.

If he fails to appear in the next hearing, the prosecution would enable the prosecutor to decide on the case, the prosecutor said.




Freddie Aguilar confronted by GF’s mother on Face the People’s ‘Silya de Konsensya’ this Monday

The coming week will surely be exciting as Face The People features the most controversial and talked about man in Philippine entertainment today.


For the first time ever, OPM icon and “Pinoy Folk Singers King” Freddie Aguilar faces the people to answer all the issues that surround him after he revealed his relationship with a minor. Aguilar received flak all over the news and social media as netizens shared their opinions on the May-December love affair. Aguilar, however, continues to fight for “their right to love”.

Viewers should not miss the steamy exchange between Aguilar and columnist Joey Sarmiento. The columnist slams Aguilar’s relationship with a minor. Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles also gave her insights on the case of “simple seduction” filed against the popular folk singer.

Also for the first time, Ka Freddie gets confronted by the mother of his teenaged partner, who also shares her emotions on the issue at hand.

All of these happen in front of a hundred people comprising the audience who also have strong opinions on the relationship of Ka Freddie and his girlfriend. The results of the OPINION METER should not be missed!

Should Ka Freddie continue this romance? Find out what his decision will be this Monday, November 4, on the most popular reality talk show today!

Face The People airs daily, 4:30PM on TV5!


Freddie Aguilar charged with Qualified Seduction over 16 years-old girlfriend Jovi Gatdula!

Freddie Aguilar charged with Qualified Seduction over 16 years-old girlfriend Jovi Gatdula!


Veteran singer/composer Freddie Aguilar is now facing a Qualified Seduction Case over his relationship with a 16 years-old girlfriend. The case was filed by Atty. Fernando Perito(member of Integrated Bar of the Philippine) on Thursday at Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office.

Sa kanyang panayam ng Aksyon TV5, ang 6o years-old na singer ay nagtataka kung bakit sinampahan sya ng case ng naturang abogado.

“A, wala lang sigurong magawa ang Atty. Prito na ‘yan.”

Paglilinaw ng anchor na si Erwin Tulfo kay Freddie, “Atty. Perito” at hindi “Atty. Prito”

“Akala ko po Prito, e. Ang dating po kasi sa akin, Atty. Prito, pasensiya na po at nasa cell phone po ako, e.”

Sa kanilang pag-uusap, paliwanag ni Aguilar.

“Pero wala po akong pinipilit na babae, wala po akong sini-seduce na babae. At kung madumi po ang isip ng attorneyng ‘yan, at nakakita siya ng picture ng dalawang nagmamahalan na tao, hindi ko po problema ‘yan. At nagmamahalan po kami nung tao. At yun pong Facebook [pictures] na ‘yan, siguro, malamang kinuha po niya ‘yan sa kasintahan ko. Kasi pinu-post po dun ng kasintahan ko ang mga pictures namin.”

Ang tinutukoy ni Freddie ay ang mga larawan nila ng kanyang kasintahan habang naghahalikan, na isinumiteng ebidensiya ng naturang abugado sa inihain nitong reklamo na paglabag sa Article 337 ng Revised Penal Code.

Dagdag pa ni Freddie.

“Siguro kinuha lang po niya doon siguro yun. At kung nakita po niya yun, e, ano po ang pakialam niya kung naghahalikan ang dalawang taong nagmamahalan? Ano pong masama doon? Kami naman po ay limang buwan na pong nagmamahalan.”

Ang dahilan kung bakit nagsampa si Atty. Perito ay dahil sa mga kumakalat na mga larawan sa ibat ibang social networking sites na kung saan infatuated lang daw sa singer ang dalagita, at parang napagsamantalahan daw ang dalagita.

“Wow, ang galing niya, napaka-social-minded niya! Manghuhula pa siya at nalaman niyang infatuated lang yung aking girlfriend. E, hindi niya naman pinuntahan at kinausap yung tao, kung biktima nga ng seduction. E, Attorney, kung naglalakad ka o may kotse ka, nakikita mo ba yung mga bata na kinakawawa sa kalye? Ikaw ba ay hindi naiskandaluhan sa mga ginagawa sa mga ‘yan?”

Dahil sa mga batikos sa kanilang relasyon, naitanong sa singer kung ano naman ang reaction ng kanyang 16 years-old girlfriend.

“E, ganun din po ang sinasabi niya, na wala pong pumipilit sa kanya at hindi po siya infatuated.”

Kung mapatunayan na nagkasala ang naturang singer, ito na bha ang dahilan upang wakasan ang kanilang relasyon.

“E, kung ganun po ang pagbabasehan natin ng Qualified Seduction, aba’y kawawa po ang mga nagmamahalan na magkalayo ang agwat ng edad! Ito naman po at sasabihin ko ulit kay Atty. Perito… Na pumunta ka po sa mga lugar ng mga mahihirap. Meron pong mga buntis doon na twelve years old, hindi alam kung sino ang gumawa, hindi alam kung ano ang nangyayari. Meron din pong katorse anyos dun na nabuntis din, nandoon lang po sila sa paligid-ligid. Meron na po ba kayong ginawa tungkol sa mga ‘yan? Yun po, hindi ba kayo nalalaswaan?”


Celebrity with big age gap relationship bared (from 22-46 years)!

When Freddie Aguilar came out to media that he has a 16 year old girlfriend and their age gap is 44, many people gave their own comments  and most of them negative!


Although Aguilar and girlfriend’s age gap is is a big 44 years it is topped by Madame Auring and then boyfriend in 2014 Archie Mendoza with 46 years gap. Aguilar and Madame Auring’s relationship are both with involved a minor.

See the list of celebrities who are in relationship and their age gap below:

  • Madame Auring and Archie Mendoza – 46 years age gap (Madame Auring was 61 and Archie was 15 -16 not 20 as reported)
  • Freddie Aguilar and Jovy Gatdula – 44 years age gap ( Freddie, 60 and Jovie, 16)
  • Dolphy and Zsa Zsa Padilla – 38 years age gap
  • Tiya Pusit and unnamed boyfriend, 27 years old – 38 years age gap
  • Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna – 34 years age gap
  • Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo – 24 years age gap
  • Assunta de Rossi and Jules Ledesma – 22 years age gap
  • Tony Boy Cojuangco and Gretchen Barretto – 20 years age gap


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