Kris Aquino on movie with Bistek: “I deserve to experience that happy ending- kahit sa pelikula man lang.”!

Kris Aquino and Herbert Bautista movie is now in the works ans it will be helmed by no less than the Hugot Queen director Tonet Jadaone!

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Kris received a lot of negative comments upon posting the photo above confirming that they will indeed be in one movie. It was a big headline then that their short lived romance ended abruptly.

Kris enumerates the reasons why she agreed to do a movie with ex-BF Herbert on her Instagram with the caption:

I read this quote many months ago, thank you @noringai for sending it… I respect that some of you disagree with my choice, but maybe you should also respect my reasons?
1. It’s just a movie, but we are being given that rarest of opportunities to answer all our WHAT IFs- through the eyes & expressed by the words of the#hugotqueen Direk @tonet_jadaone.
2. The storyline is realistic, family centered, funny, yet still uplifting & inspiring.
3. Come on, a Star Cinema movie is the way we wish life could be: poignant, emotional, lovely, memorable, and with a heart tugging soundtrack…
4. Because I’m not the same Kris I was 15 months ago, and I think I’m a more mature, positive, and “live each day as it comes” version of me.
And 5. Because even if it will only happen in a movie, I deserve to experience that happy ending- kahit sa pelikula man lang.

That’s the last I have to say about our movie, as I said, we don’t start shooting until July. 😊 GOOD NIGHT.

Are you excited to see Kris and Herbert in a romantic movie with a happy ending?


Kris Aquino recalls how Herbert courted her and how she was dumped!

Kris Aquino reveals how Herbert courted her and how she was dumped on her website!


From my perspective, it has never been RECALLING the fights, the breakup, the disappointment over avoidable interviews that made me cry. It was remembering the happy moments that were so fleeting, but so special because they were so “normal”.
He went into my A&A dressing room on our 2nd telecast and said: “Ms. Aquino, may I have your number?”
He brought me a cheeseburger w/ no onions, fries, and a small Coke on my birthday last year. I’ve never had that meal again from that fast food because I’m now with the opposing Pinoy Food Giant (takot mag violate ng contract) and partly because it will just never taste the same again.
We watched the midnight screening of Divergent and I’ve never gone back to the cinema where we watched.
He gave me this funny looking, ugly cute figurine holding a heart, and I used to have it beside my bed, and now I have it kept inside my night table drawer.
He sent me a lot of Gatorade, boxes of it, and I’ve never had the sports drink again.
We went to 2 Starbucks with drive through windows, and I’ve also never gone back to those places.
We spoke of building a life together, actually set a time frame, in this restaurant in Greenbelt that I frequented because of their steaks and burgers, but I’ve also never eaten there again.
I cut off more than 18 inches of my hair because I wanted to forget how I must have looked with hair all over my face & pillow, when he used to surprise me by waking me up and bringing me my venti nonfat latte with no foam, just because his day would be so hectic and early morning was the only time he could see me, regardless of my still being fast asleep.
Broken hearts retreat to where they can be safe again, locked away for nobody to ever get too close to again…
This is the first time i’ll publicly acknowledge this, because I can now recall with absolutely no bitterness or regrets; on the first Friday of April nearly a year ago during merienda, he said he was tired, he didn’t want to play games, he was tired of chasing and of running away, and he wanted to feel secure with someone he could grow old with.  He said, walang romance, walang lokohan, walang bolahan. Okay na raw ba ko to marry him kasi nga PAGOD na sya?
I remember laughing and saying that was probably the least romantic proposal any woman has ever received, but because we were so similar in our weirdness, I was in agreement; I wanted to grow old with him because I knew we’d never be bored conversing, and maybe this was where God led 2 individuals who deserved a chance at life long companionship with maturity, and full acceptance of equally colorful pasts.
We went separate ways because he had an appointment with an old professor he had kept close to, and I went to 6 PM Mass and prayed that this was what would be best for us.
The next day he had dinner with my family, and I cried during our heart to heart talk after that first attempt at introducing him to my family.  I said I realized he never said he loved me, he was simply tired, and I didn’t want to be his version of Salonpas, Alaxan, Ben Gay, or a massage. He cried too and said he was scared, overwhelmed, afraid of being branded a “user” when he has given the majority of his life to public service, and maybe we should take a step back.
We went to Mass together Sunday because we had made a pact that praying together will be our priority, but again we parted immediately after Mass because he had friends to meet up with… I remember going home, alone because my 2 sons were going to have dinner with James and Mic. And I prayed and said, please God strengthen us, cement our bond, and protect our peace. And I remember thinking, sana umabot sya sa point that he would be comfortable enough to let me be more a part of his world.
I made the mistake of speaking about him the following night on A&A. The next day, over the phone he broke up with me, right before Bimb’s 7th birthday party.
In time we healed, and became friends again. Comfortable to catch up over the phone every few weeks or so.
The last time I cried about him was Christmas Eve. I remembered an earlier agreement that we had made, when he asked early in our relationship how we’d deal with the holidays, I said that my non-negotiable was Christmas Eve Mass with my family, but Christmas Day was for him & his siblings & his kids. And I went to sleep with tears quietly streaming down my face, sad that we hadn’t made it.
So can I be truthful, I hibernated February 15, and listened to this song over and over. I kept to myself and slept most of February 15. And I was proud of surviving.
Inayawan nya ko, I’d like to think not me the actual person, but the complicated baggage that comes with having a relationship with me.
He called 4 times that Sunday, the day after my birthday, and I just didn’t pick up. Bimb saw his name flashing on my phone, and he told me: “Mama, go ahead talk to him because when you talk to him, you get happy. But remember after, you get so sad and I hate seeing you cry.”
And BOOM, that was my wake up call, my long avoided wisdom coming from the innocence of my 7 year old.
I realized as much as I want us to be friends, we can’t. There were just too many promises that my heart so desperately wanted to believe in. And continuing the friendship will continue to make me long for what wasn’t meant to be.
And I want Bimb to see by my example, that his feelings come first. A 7 year old shouldn’t be subjected to being the protector of his mother’s fragile feelings.
And maybe this was what this whole experience of trying to love again was meant to teach me, to be HUMBLE that for a man not ready to commit, I WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH.
Yes in all honesty, I still pray for someone who can be my strength. I still pray for someone to talk to at the end of a long day, someone who will listen, and someone who will also teach me new things, challenging my mind, and mirroring my values. Someone to pray with and pray for. Someone I can trust with all my fears, someone who accepts my past, and still looks forward to our future. And someone who won’t be tired about love, but will accept, nurture, and treasure what we will share.
But then, maybe Mom raised me to stand alone, and own my strength. And maybe the rejection I went through is a blessing, because I needed to feel the hurt, in order to learn to be less selfish and more compassionate, to empathize more readily with those suffering from all kinds of pain.
I needed for my love to be declined for me to value those who accept my love with so much gratitude, and I needed to realize this important life truth: True love doesn’t find you, neither do you find it. You build true love together, and you can’t do that when you’re tired, jaded, or weary. Love is built by those who have inspiration, determination, fortitude, trustworthiness, loyalty, courage, childlike faith, openness, enthusiasm, and enchantment with what is, plus all that will be.
To now paraphrase my mom: And love can only make you the best possible version of yourself.
I was spared birthday blues maybe because God said: NATUTO NA SYA, OKAY NA YAN, SIGURO NAMAN MAG-IINGAT NA…

Must Watch: Herbert Bautista met Kris Aquino after break-up!


MANILA – ”Hindi natin akalaing mangyayari ito, but it’s happening tonight.”

This was how TV host Kris Aquino introduced Quezon City Mayor Herbert ”Bistek” Bautista on ”Aquino & Abunda Tonight” on Monday.


Aquino and Bautista, former lovers, were left alone in front of the camera as co-host Boy Abunda was absent in the show.

Bistek was grilled by Aquino about the incident where the Mayor slapped a drug suspect in Quezon City.

Bautista again apologized to the public, and to his defense told Aquino, ”By nature, hindi ako nananakit ng tao. Physically, hindi ako nananakit ng tao.”

Aquino, seemingly bringing up their past love affair, quickly interrupted saying, ”Physically, ha, ‘yan ang sinabi mo. Klinaro mo ‘yun, Mayor.”

But before the interview got more awkward, Aquino immediately signaled for a commercial break to give a stressed Bautista ”time to breathe.”

Towards the end of the show, Bautista thanked Aquino for giving him an opportunity to clarify the slapping incident, but the TV host got candid again with her former love.

”Hindi nananakit si Mayor… damdamin lang. Chos!” she said in jest. ”Pasensya ka na at least friends na tayo.”

Watch the video below:

Watch the full video HERE!


Kris Aquino revealed hurt by being jilted by Herbert Bautista on TV!


MANILA — TV host Kris Aquino on Sunday finally opened up about her failed relationship with Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.


Speaking on “The Buzz,” Aquino admitted she got hurt when she watched Bautista’s “Bandila” interview where he admitted that he no longer wants to get back with her.

Here is the full transcript of her statement:

“I tried to keep quiet. It was unfortunate na humina ang self-control ko on ‘A&A’ (‘Aquino & Abunda Tonight) kasi tatlong buwan naman na kinaya ko talaga to keep quiet. Mahirap gawin ‘yun when you have two daily talk shows and you’re back here on ‘The Buzz.’ Ironic nga na siya naman ang unang nagsalita when ako ‘yung expected ng lahat na mag-overshare.

“I did keep quiet for one very human reason. I got hurt for that very same reason because I truly loved him.

“In a perfect world, the love you give the person you love will be the same type of love that he will give you. At magiging tama ang timing niyong dalawa na lahat ng mga mahal niyo, lahat ng mga taong mahalaga at may responsibilidad kayo sa kanila, handa na rin silang intindihin kayo.

“Perfect timing means ‘yung mga naging parte ng nakaraan niyo, happy na kaya okay sa kanila na maging happy ka na rin.

“For me and James (Yap), kinasal kami, nagpa-annul kami. Malinaw ang closure namin and just a few months ago, finally nagkapatawaran kami.

“Bimb was very vocal in saying he did like HB because he made mama happy. Kahit seven years old lang si Bimb, sabi niya he just wants his mama to be happy. My two sons were ready to share me and my love. Tama ang timing sa side ko.

“Maybe when you fall in love and the man asks you to spend the rest of your life with him dahil hindi na kayo bata and marami na kayong napagdaanan sa kanya-kanyang buhay, nandoon kayo sa point na you feel you’re best friends and effortless to talk about work, to laugh together, to feel normal kapag magkausap kayo.

“When he asks you to spend your life with him, you do say yes kasi naniniwala ka that everything will fall into place because what you have, you will feel it was meant to be. You have faith in forever.

“For someone who came from heartbreak, that was so hard to believe in forever again. And you believed that he wasn’t going to play games. And you believed na meron ka ng lifetime companion.

“Sa trabaho niyong dalawa, mararamdaman niyo na oo posible pala na bumuo kayo ng samahan na hindi nakaasa sa mga pabor na pwedeng hingin at pabor na pwedeng ibigay. Hindi pera o posisyon ang nagpaka-attractive sa inyong dalawa kundi dahil you clicked. Nag-click ang ugali ninyo.

“As much as our jobs have given us our lifetime fulfillment, nakakita ka pa rin ng safe haven in each other. In fact, meron akong isang favorite memory. We went to Starbucks one Sunday. Nung nagbabayad kaming dalawa sa cashier, tinanong nung cashier ‘Do you want to split the bill?’ And we did. It was just all so normal. Parang napaka-regular naming tao kaya it felt so special.

“When unexpectedly he breaks up with you, you choose to see the breakup from his perspective because you do understand. You understand parental love because you love your sons so much too. And you’ll hide that heartbreak and you’ll just cry yourself to sleep every night. Sigurado ka na yung dalawang anak mo na nagshe-share ng kwarto mo tulog na para hindi nila makitang umiiyak ka.

“And then you forgive dahil kahit sinaktan ka, mahal na mahal mo pa rin siya and kahit paano, humanga ka pa rin sa kanya. Kasi personal niyang pinuntahan si Bimb, kinausap niya yung anak ko man to man. Simple siyang nag-sorry kay Bimb kasi alam niyang nakita ni Bimb na nasaktan ako at nakita ni Bimb na umiiyak ako. Somehow he knew that he should set an example for Bimb.

“As a gentleman, even when you do go through a breakup, boys should own up to it and say sorry. And that sons will always instinctively feel yung pain na nararamdaman ng nanay nila at gugustuhin na protektahan ang nanay. Because he loves his children so much, he knows na significant ang feelings ng mga bata.

“Somehow, you find the strength to rebuild the friendship. And when he tells you na babalik siya kapag naayos na ang lahat ng kailangan niyang ayusin, starting with fixing himself, because mahal mo siya, aasa ka. And every day magdadasal ka. Ang prayer mo, sana God it’s part of your will that we will be together in the future. Sana kami talaga ang meant for each other. And sana God bigyan mo siya ng lakas para maayos na niya ang sarili niya. And ako bigyan mo ako ng patience habang naghihintay ako na maging buo siya ulit.

“Tapos isang gabi makakanood ka sa ‘Bandila,’ and you hear him answer about you. Alam mo kasi live ‘yun, hindi ‘yun edited. And it wakes you up to reality na wala pala talagang somewhere down the road para sa inyo and you can’t stop crying because ‘yung future na inakala mo, ‘yung pinagdarasal mo, that future that kept you going, that dream just disappears.

“Dumating po siya sa buhay ko kasi kailangan ko maturuan ng true humility. Kinailangan ko kasi talagang maramdaman yung feeling na iwanan ka, ayawan ka. Masakit yun ah. Masakit ipamuka sa buong mundo na kahit mahal na mahal mo yung isang tao, sa isang live interview, aamin siya na ayaw na niya sayo, hindi ka niya babalikan and tatanggapin mo yun.

“Maybe I really did have to learn a lot. I needed to have strength of character and kailangan mangyari ito. Binigay ito ng Diyos kasi pine-prepare ako for a good future. Kasi kinailangan ko matuto.

“I had to learn that love endures, that love forgives, that love can actually be quiet, love can be selfless, it doesn’t blame no matter how much you’re hurting. Love doesn’t look for revenge. Love has no regrets.

“Tama na ‘yung oo nasaktan ka pero ipapaalala mo sa sarili mo, the fact na minahal mo siya, napaligaya ka nung pagmamahal na naramdaman mong yun.

“I don’t want to make a mistake sa sasabihn ko kasi simple lang ang mensahe ko. True love graciously lets go.

“Sincere ito, para kay Mayor Herbert, from my heart, I really wish that kung anong magpapaligaya sa buhay mo, kung ano ang kukumpleto sa ‘yo bilang tao, sana lahat ng ‘yun mapunta talaga sa ‘yo, sana makamit mo ‘yun. Kasi sa ‘yo ko natutunan ‘yung kailangan ko talagang matutunan.

“All my life I was selfish. But in you, I proved to myself, capable pala ako magmahal unconditionally. Kahit hindi nga maganda ang naging ending natin, ito yung first time na nakapagsalita ako na hindi ako umiiyak, hindi ako galit. Grateful lang ako na dumating ka sa buhay ko. Someday, sana maging magkaibigan pa rin tayo.”


Herbert Bautista had enough of Kris Aquino?

Kris Aquino – Herbert Bautista romance is over before it even took off!

Just last Monday night Kris Aquino showed up with her new pixie hair cut and hinted that it is the result of a heartache.


Now Ricky Lo revealed the real reason why Herbert gave up on Kris:

What happened? Why did a “promising” romance end so soon? Did an unseen hand nip it in the bud? Was “forever” not enough?

The situation is simply much too complicated. Kris has two sons, Joshua and Bimby; while Herbert has five by two women, neither of whom he married, although his current partner (in private and in politics) Tates Gana, who has stuck with him for almost two decades as the wind beneath his wings, is generally accepted as Q.C.’s First Lady. With his marriage to James Yap annulled, Kris is legally single again.

Besides, with the eyes of the media (nay, the world!) fixed on them, Kris and Herbert couldn’t simply move freely around, so you can imagine how paranoid they could be. They contented themselves with having quiet dinners at Kris’ place, never in a fancy restaurant.

Funfare learned that it was Herbert who gave up, forced into it no doubt by the unpleasant write-ups against him. Uhm, his loss, not Kris’? Definitely!


Must Watch: Kris Aquino announces that she’s Dating Herbert Bautista!

First there were rumors that Kris Aquino is dating a politician, they named Herbert Bautista as the one, then a photo of him with her family dining and now finally announcing to the whole world that she’s dating him!


Watch the video below:


Finally Kris Aquino admits relationship with Herbert Bautista!

Kris Aquino admits relationship with Herbert Bautista!


TV host Kris Aquino finally confirmed that she and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista are dating. In the Monday, April 5 episode of Aquino and Abunda Tonight, the Queen of all media disclosed that Herbert sought the permission of her brother, President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, to date her.

“Weeks before any speculation about us came out, personal po siyang humingi ng permiso sa kuya ko. Maraming iniisip si P-Noy kaya ang inintindi niya nung time na iyon may gagawin kami ni Mayor na project para sa Quezon City. Until later that same day, nag-text kaming magkapatid, natawa na lang si P-noy at permission to date his sister pala ang hiningi,”

“But that gesture gained the respect of my brother and sisters because it showed all of them na malinis ang intention para sa bunso nila. Yes, my family welcomed him during our get together because we want to know him better,” she continued.

The TV host also said that this will be the last time she will talk about Herbert in any of her shows, interviews or her social media accounts…(Continue reading HERE)




Herbert Bautista is included in Kris Aquino’s family dinner PHOTO!

Is Kris Aquino deliberately announcing to the world that Herbert Bautista is now part of her family?


In Kris recent Instagram post you can spot Herbert Bautista sitting at the middle of the table. Present are Kris’ sisters and their husbands.The President himself (PNoy) is just seated on the side.


With the following caption:



Alam na!


Herbert Bautista on being linked to Kris Aquino: “Ako raw ba? Baka hindi ako. Ha-ha-ha!”!

Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista was interviewed recently if he was the man they are referring t0 as Kris Aquino‘s new love!


Is he aware of the news that he is being referred to as Kris new boyfriend:

“Ha? May ganyang isyu ba ngayon?”

On being linked together:

“Ako raw ba? Baka hindi ako. Ha-ha-ha!”

After those answering the questions he quickly eluded the press to avoid answering more queries on the issue!



Kris Aquino and Herbert Bautista an ITEM!

Kris Aquino’s mystery guy and new love in her life is Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista?


A very reliable source from the Kapamilya network confirmed that the two were dating and they have already past the dating stage ans are now in love with each other.

As far as Kris is concerned, she admitted that she is in love. But the person she is in love with remains anonymous.

Do you think there is truth to this new rumor?