Kris Aquino left marital home with kids again!

Kris Aquino left their marital home last Monday with her two kids Joshua and Baby James in tow.

The last time that Kris left husband James Yap was December of last year. Will she leave for good this tome around? The last time they had a spat was due to a female fan where Kris Aquino confronted the girl in their house.

What could have caused the misunderstanding this time around?

Kris Aquino’s camp issued a statement on the matter:

There have been a series of life altering events in my life this past year – from our mother’s death to my brother’s election and now my moving in a different direction as far as my career is concerned. Lastly, there is the state of my marriage. I would like to say that where I am now is a result of many months of fortitude, careful thought. My sole priority is the well being of my sons Josh and Bimby. We are together, they are in my care and it’s my intention and prayer to make this period of our lives to be as free from trauma as possible. I choose to keep my silence primarily because my current state is not one for celebration or lengthy discussion but rather prayer, private reflection and quiet. It is in the best interest of my two sons that I remain quiet most especially because I shouldn’t make what’s already difficult become more painful.

Will Kris Aquino stay mum on the matter of her marital status as she declared that she is more mature now and will keep her privacy?

Let’s just wait and see!

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