Miley Cyrus brother debuts as a model!

Miley Cyrus’ brother  Braison, 18 made his modeling debut this weekend for Troix Magazine.


Braison, signed with Wilhelmina Models late last year made a modelling debut via as the cover of Troix Magazine‘s “Boys of Summer” issue.



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Rustom Padilla aka BB Gandanghari on sex change: “Whatever is in between my legs is my own private thing.”!

BB Gandanghari is back in showbizlandia and in her recent interview she/he revealed that she had never been surer and happier now than before!

After almost two years absence from local showbiz, she revealed that she lived and worked in New York. She’s also raring to be recognized as androgynous model as she transformed herself from a weight of 140, she now drops to 115 model body. here she worked hard to achieve.

She was asked in an interview by Mariel Rodriguez  the following questions:

If she is a ‘real woman’ now:

“Whatever you’re seeing now is a manifestation of how I really feel deep inside. And I’ve made decisions in my life and I guess (they’re) the best decisions I’ve made. It made me surer, it made me happier, more peaceful. I have peace of mind [now].”

Asked to elaborate further:

“But I hope you will forgive me if I don’t wanna talk more about it. Because whatever is in between my legs is my own private thing. And hopefully my partner’s.”

On her body change:

“Exactly. I have nothing against change. Ang sabi ko nga I’ve embraced my change, I’ve embraced everything and yun happy ako. Day, aapak-apakan ka sa New York kung hindi ka buo ano [They will walk all over you in New York if you’re not complete]!”

BB is just here for a vacation and will be glad if she will be offered to work since she is raring to act again.

What role is she going to play , if offer comes? Do you have any suggestions

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