Ramon Bautista and Kris Aquino teams up for “Kris TV”!

Kris Aquino has just revealed that Ramon Bautista will replace son Bimby as her co-host in the up-coming episodes for Kris TV!

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In an earlier interview, Aquino said Bautista was a personal choice because she wants her show to offer new content for viewers.

He also described Bautista, who is also a professor at the University of the Philippines, as a “very well-respected” member of the academe.

“Meron din siyang mga best-selling books na nasulat na,” Aquino added.

Bautista has written both self-help books “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo” and “Help!!! Ayoko na sa Syota Ko!”


Ramon Bautista clears up rumored relationship with Jinri Park “Hindi po”!

Ramon Bautista clears up rumored relationship with Jinri Park “Hindi po”!


Ramon Bautista clarifies rumored relationship with Korean radio DJ-celebrity Jinri Park. On his interview, the author of the best-selling book “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?” responds shortly “Hindi po” and joke saying, “Nakaka-flatter naman. Ganun po talaga ’pag pogi.”

The rumors started when Park’s interview on Edu Manzano’s talk “What’s Up Doods?” during which she said she “(finds) him (Ramon) really attractive now.”

Edu asked her how much she is attracted to the Bautista, “From a scale of one to ten – ten being the highest – I would say eight,” pointing out that she is “not the type who goes for physical looks… He’s so funny. And he’s very smart, too.”

The two also call each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” on Twitter.


Ramon Bautista brings ‘Friend Zone’ tips to the office!

Are you in love with your officemate – or worse – your boss? Then you have a potentially big problem. But don’t worry, comedian and TV host Ramon Bautista might have a solution to your predicament.


After his “Tales from the Friend Zone” video series became popular on video sharing website, YouTube, Bautista recently released a new video series tackling a different relationship issue.

While the first series dealt with problems that occur when courtship goes south and ends in an awkward state of being “just friends” or “friend zone,” the new web series deals with the woes of office romances.

Titled “Office Romance Tips with Ramon Bautista,” the series features dramatized experiences of people caught in the complicated web of office love affairs. Of course, every episode won’t be complete without Bautista’s hilarious pieces of advice.

What’s most interesting about this four-episode series is the topic itself, which is a “no-no” in many companies especially when the people involved are superiors and their subordinates. It is even considered taboo in conservative companies and could jeopardize the jobs of the employees involved.

The video series is available for everyone’s viewing pleasure at GMA Network’s official YouTube page,>www.youtube.com/GMANetwork.

Speaking of illicit office romances, GMA Films is coming up with a romance-comedy (romcom) film about this controversial subject. The film, entitled “My Lady Boss” is top billed by Kapuso Royalties Richard Gutierrezand Marian Rivera and is scheduled to hit theatres this April.

In the movie, Richard and Marian’s characters defy corporate policies by falling in love with each other (Marian plays Richard’s boss). Eventually, the two will face the bitter truth of having to choose between their careers and their affair, aside from the fact that they also have to deal with the uncomfortable feeling of being the topic of every office gossip.

Will they choose love over their jobs or will they use their heads instead of their hearts?

Find out the answer when “My Lady Boss” hits nationwide theatres on April 10.

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