Raymart Santiago on getting back with Claudine Barretto: “Wala nang chance ‘yun.”!

Actor Raymart Santiago doesn’t believe in second chances when it comes to his marriage to Claudine Barretto!


Raymart has this to say in finality over his marriage:

“Wala nang chance ‘yun. Wala nang second chance ‘yun. Puwede pa, sa friendship.”

He is not involved with anyone right now since he doesn’t want to involve anyone in his “complicated” life at the moment.


Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago celebrates son’s birthday (Photo)!

Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago celebrates the birthday of their son Santino together as if they are not suing each other in court!


And some photos from Claudine Barretto’s Instagram:

“Great party! anything gor my Kiddos:) @santino2007 @sabina_2004”


Raymart Santiago on Claudine Barretto’s gruesome photos on social networking sites: “Dun [sa korte] dapat pinag-uusapan yung mga kasong ‘yan; hindi sa Twitter, hindi sa Instragram.”!

Raymart Santiago was recently interviewed on they want to know his opinion on the photos that his estrange wife Claudine Barretto is posting on her social networking site!



This is what Raymart has to say:

 “Hindi ko alam, hindi ako nagpa-follow.

Some photos were stages of thew wonders of make-up to hide some black and blue marks on her face, the other was her black scars on her thighs.

On his opinion about it:

“Dun [sa korte] dapat pinag-uusapan yung mga kasong ‘yan; hindi sa Twitter, hindi sa Instragram.”


Raymart Santiago reveals Claudine Barretto alleged battered photos are are taken after undergoing surgery!

Claudine Barretto‘s legal counsel, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, took to Twitter over the weekend to post three undated photos of the actress, apparently with bruises on her face, before and after applying makeup.


Topacio said of the photos:

“We are not making this up. The scars have been there all along. In conclusion, no woman would deliberately make herself ugly. Who inflicted them? I leave it to you guys.”

“To all those who say maliciously that the wounds are a fabrication, may you suffer what Claudine has suffered.”

However, Raymart Santiago revealed that the photos of his estranged wife Claudine Barretto taken during a Holy Week vacation in 2010, after she had undergone a plastic surgical procedure.

See the photo below:


Who is telling the truth? Is it Raymart or Claudine’s attorney?


Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago to spend time once a week together with kids!

Estrange couple Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago have finally settled on one thing after they faced each other in court in relation to the battle of the custody of their children!

clau ray

This is what Claudine revealed in an interview:

“We may have failed us husband and wife but we will will strive to be good parents for the sake of our children.”

She added they will spend time as a family once more in a weekend activity with their kids, 6-year-old Santino and 10-year-old Sabina.



Vicki Belo on rumored romance withbRaymart Santiago: “Siguro wala na talagang istorya ngayon.”!

Dra.Vicki Belo was shocked to hear the rumors romantically linking her with actor Raymart Santiago! image The rumor started last week, when a report surfaces  alleged that Santiago supposedly received a P1,050,000 deposit check from Belo in November 2007. The report noted that Santiago was supposedly never an endorser of Belo’s clinics, triggering speculation that the two may have been romantically involved at the time.

This is what. Belo said of the allegations:

U”Ewan ko! Sabi ko, ‘Siguro wala na talagang istorya ngayon. Ako na naman!’ Atsaka ang pinakamasakit do’n… Nagbabayad na naman ako? Ano ba! Gano’n ba talaga ako ka-pangit? Hoy, excuse me!” “You know, I don’t remember. It’s 2007. And I know Claudine never accepts payment for anything, eh,” she added. “Pero hindi ko nga alam. Pero sabi nga ni Jobert (Sucaldito, showbiz journalist), wala ‘yung pangalan ko do’n sa tseke. Deposit slip lang. So puwedeng imbentuhin ‘yan — ‘from Dr. Belo.’ Wala namang check number na pinakita. So parang kalokohan lang!”


Claudine Barretto on Raymart Santiago leaving her: “Kung totoo nga na mentally ill ako, or drug addict ako, bakit mo pababayaan yung mga bata sa akin ng ilang buwan?”!

Claudine Barretto cites money problem might be the reason for her marital woes with estrange husband Raymart Santiago and not about drugs at all!


This is what Claudine revealed:

Wala kaming pre-nup (We didn’t have a pre-nuptial agreement.) Kung totoo nga na mentally ill ako, or drug addict ako, bakit mo pababayaan yung mga bata sa akin ng ilang buwan?” she inquired. “Di ba dapat yun ang unang binitbit mo? Hindi yung mga Louis Vuitton naluggages, hindi yung mga relo mo, hindi pera (If it’s true that I’m mentally ill, or that I’m a drug addict, why did you leave the kids with me for several months? Shouldn’t they be the first ones you should have brought with you? Not your Louis Vuitton luggages, not your watches, not money?)?”

Claudine on Raymart’s care for their children:

Mas mahalaga naman yung mga anak mo. Kung hindi pa siya na-TPO [temporary restraining order], wala siyang pakialam sa mga anak niya (Your children are more important. If he hadn’t received a TPO, he wouldn’t care about his kids.).”

Raymart’s lawyer, Atty Ruth Castelo has this to say:

“The absence or presence of a pre-nuptial agreement is not what makes or breaks a marriage. Money is not the cause of Raymart and Claudine’s marital breakup. It is the lack of peace and harmony between them and in their household that it was no longer healthy for them and their children to stay together. This is why Raymart left the conjugal home for good.”


Raymart Santiago on Claudine Barretto’s allegations: “Pwede niyang ibato sa akin lahat, lahat ng gusto niyang ibato. Pero, totoo ba ‘to?”

Raymart Santiago was at a court hearing for the Anti-VAWC case filed by estrange wife Claudine Barretto where she accussed him of “physical, sexual, psychological and economic” abuse, supposedly dating back to 2002.


Santiago and Barretto were married in March 2006. They have two children — an adopted daughter, Sabina, 9; and a biological son, Santino, 6.

Raymart on the new case filed by Claudine:

“Noong una pa lang naman, sinabi niya na magpa-file siya ng VAWC, so talang hinihintay lang namin kung ano ang ipa-file niya, at may pangsagot naman kami doon.”

On her revelations on the press:

“Pwede naman niya sabihin lahat, lalo na mahilig siya sa media, mahilig siyang magpa-interview. Pwede niyang ibato sa akin lahat, lahat ng gusto niyang ibato. Pero, totoo ba ‘to?

At uulitin ko ang sinasabi ko — alam ng mga magulang niya ang nangyayari. Alam niyo ang totoo, tulungan niyo ang anak niyo.”

Now it is the case of he said and she said!

Who would you believe?


Claudine Barretto finally filed Anti-VAWCI against estrange husband Raymart Santiago!

Claudine Barretto finally filed Anti-VAWC o Anti-Violence Against Women and Children (Rep. Act 9262) against estrange husband Raymart Santiago.


She filed the case before the sala of Deputy City Prosecutor Linda Adame-Conos sa Marikina Regional Trial Court.

She was accompanied by her parents Miguel and ­Estrella Barretto, sister Mitchie, and counsel Atty. Ferdie Topacio.

Part of Claudine’s statement against estrange husband Raymart:

“My life with Rozelle Raymond Martin Santiago was a vicious cycle of violence, abuse, battery and exploitation.

“During the years that I have been with him, I have been in a constant fearful state of mind because I was cylically abused and controlled over a period of time.

“Notwithstanding all my horrendous experiences in the hands of my husband, today, I am breaking my silence. I have decided to stop and end the abuse and violence and make my husband criminally and civilly liable for all his actions.

“Fortunately, we have Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-VAWC law under which I took refuge.

“Abuse transcends all economic, educational and social borders. Even I, a celebrity who almost have everything, was still physically, sexually, ­psychologically and ­economically abused by my husband.

“I took the big step of stopping and ending the abuses of my husband by filing a criminal complaint against him.

“To all the women out there who suffered my plight, or are still ­suffering the said plight, I encourage you to break your silence and stop the abuse.

“End  the violence. Our children need us.”

Claudine revealed that the abuse she received from Raymart started way back in 2002, but the evidence they got started in 2005.

This is what Claudine said:

“Hindi madali ang mga pinagdadaanan ko bilang alam naman ng tao na kilala po ako sa pagiging medyo matapang at palaban, meron din ho akong mga kahinaan and meron din ho akong mga taong pinuprotektahan at unang-una syempre ang asawa ko at ang pamilya ko, ang dalawang anak ko.

“Nu’ng una TPO, and then na-habeas corpus niya kami. Nu’ng una kasi, denial pa, eh. Iniisip ko, baka ako naman ang may kasalanan, baka ako ang may problema…

“Kinakailangan kong mag-process sa mga psychologist, sa Gabriela, kung meron ho ba akong ‘battered woman syndrome’.

“Iniisip ko rin na balang araw, makikita ‘to ng mga anak ko, and ayokong sirain ang ­pangalan ng asawa ko nu’n. ‘Yun ang unang-unang pinupro­tektahan ko.

“Kaya lang, nakikita ko rin na ang pagkatao ko na ang sinisira. Nawalan na ako ng self-esteem, ng self worth. Hindi na ako napuprotektahan,

“Hanggang sa dumating ‘yung panahon na hindi lang ako kundi ang mga anak ko, hindi na napuprotektahan.

“Hindi lang naman ito ang napagdaanan ko eh, kundi ang mental torture din. Ayoko lang mapagdaanan ng mga anak ko ‘yun.

“Kung natagalan man, it’s because, gusto ko ‘yung buong-buo ang salaysay ko. Gusto kong siguraduhin na pumasok ako sa laban, papanalunin ko ‘to.”


Claudine Barretto on the Santiago’s: “Hayaan natin sila magpa-check up sa Medical City!”

Claudine Barretto gets back at Raymart Santiago and his family especially to his brother Randy, despite a gag order by the Marikina Regional Trial Court.


She claims that estrange husband Raymart and his famiy is out against her via black propaganda as what she told News5.

Below are some of Claudines revelations:

On the Santiago’s:

“Kung ano man ang masasabi nila na ilalabas nilang baho ko, go ahead, I dare you! Bring it out! Bring it on! Kasi ang ipinagkaiba ng baho ng Barrettos sa baho ng Santiagos e ‘yung sa amin naamoy. ‘Yung sa kanila ‘pag lumabas ikasisira talaga nila.”

On why she is getting back at her estrange husband (Santiago had made a mistake with his petition for a writ of habeas corpus, which forced her to present their children, Sabina and Santino):

“Akala ko kilalang-kilala niya ako na pinakakahinaan ko anak ko. Pero nagkamali rin siya dahil ‘yun ang lakas ko. When he dragged them to court, all the more na nagkaroon ako ng lakas na labanan siya.”

On how the Santiago’s are to her now:

“To think these are men who are talking like bullies? Uhm… I don’t understand.”

On Randy Santiago:

“Hindi ko siya sisiraan gaya ng paninirang ginagawa ng pamilya niya sa pagkatao ko, sa pangalan na pinaghirapan ko ng ilang taon para lang sirain ng isang Raymart Santiago… Randy santiago! Hindi ko papayagan mangyari ‘yun.”

On how the Santiago’s are:

“They were never really close. They were not even close as a family so I just really don’t know what they are talking about.”

“Ayokong binabastos ako, lalo na ng mga lalake… Hindi na ‘ko papayag. Nabastos na ‘ko noon. Hindi na ako papayag… Like I said, Do not mess with my kids. Do not mess with my children.”

On how Jun Santiago is to ex-wife Sherilyn Reyes:

“Huwag nilang gawin sa amin ang ginawa nila kina Sherilyn at sa anak nitong si Paoie. Hindi ako natatakot to tell about it. Kasi may mga ebidensya ako. I was there.”

On the rumor of her mental stability:

“Again why are my children with me? ‘Yun lang ‘yon. They have grades… Guni-guni na lang nila ‘yun… Hayaan natin sila magpa-check up sa Medical City.”

Hmmmm. . . .  will the pandora’s box be opened to the public soon? Just asking.

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