PBB and PBB Teens Manila Audition Date, Online Audition requirements revealed!

(Regular Only) 18-35 yo.
Date: January 18 Saturday 2014
Time:7:30am-3:00pm onward


February 1, 2014

Time:7:30am-3:00pm onward


(Incase you move into the next level of audition, you’ll be ask to fill up a form and the ff)
– Birth certificate (Photocopy is allowed, basta clear)
– Valid I.D. (Make sure the I.D. na dadalin mo can also confirm your age)
– 2×2 Picture (Please bring, incase)

ONLINE audition is only until January 15, 2014 to send it.

Mechanics and Requirements for the online video audition

A clear video with a good natural lighting, not against the light and should not be overexposed shots.

Correct distance from the camera, (close up, mid shot or wide shot).

Your voice should be clear enough. Avoid taking the video in public places. Be sure Big Brother could hear your voice.

Your video presentation should not be more than 1-minute.

You must state the following: name, age, address, your job if you are working, and if you are still studying, you must answer this question: “Bakit ka karapat-dapat maging housemate ni Kuya.” (Why do you deserve to be a housemate of Big Brother?).

There should be no special effects and no need of background music. What is important that your voice should be heard clearly by Kuya.

Try to be natural and enjoy while doing it.


PBB Season 5 Regular and Teen Edition’s Online Auditions are now accepting!

For the first time in the history of Pinoy Big Brother, an online audition will be held for its upcoming 5th season. Aside from on ground auditions in Davao, Cebu and Manila, PBB Season 5 hopefuls all over the globe can now audition online.

Those who will audition just need to submit a 1 minute video from December 1 to January 15. This is open to everybody anywhere in the world at ages 12-17 or 18-35. Video entries will be submitted via email:

PBB Season 5 Regular Edition
(ages 18-35)

|Video entries must be sent to:
[email protected]

Download audition form HERE!

PBB Season 5 Teen Edition
(ages 12-17)

Video entries must be sent to:
[email protected]

Download audition form HERE!

Pinoy Big Brother Season 5 Online Auditions mechanics, info on how to join see the poster below:

PBB Season 5 Online Auditions

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