Sebastian Castro and BF Ryan Chua sings “All of Me” (Video)!

Just before Sebastian Castro heads back to Manila after staying with boyfriend Ryan Chua, they made a video of them singing together!


This is what Sebastian said:

This is the last night I spend with Ryan. I leave London for Manila tomorrow. He stays here to finish his scholarship, being the smart Chevening scholar that he is.

Watch the video below:


Sebastian Castro found love in Ryan Chua!

It is confirmed that Sebastian Castro and ABS-CBN reporter Ryan Edward Chua are in relationship!


Ryan Edward Chua posted in his Instagram (right photo) with the caption:

“My life is more beautiful because of you.”.

Sebastian Castro  posted the left photo with the caption:

“you can caption this one for me”.

How sweet!! Ryan is in UK for further studies in Journalism and Sebastian is  also there to accompany him.


Sebastian Castro filmed naked by a peeping tom (Video)!

Model Sebastian Castro was filmed naked without his knowledge while inside a bathroom is now circulating!


In the video a peeping tom is taking a video of Sebatian while he was cleaning himself after a photo or video shoot. We can see his nice behind while he changes his underwear.

Watch the video HERE!


Sebastian Castro shoots down video scandal rumor with Enchong Dee!

As the rumor are escalating that there is a sex video scandal circulating around between Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro, people are asking for some answer to this.

Sebastian Castro already answered the rumors and it seems that Enchong Dee is yet to come up with his own answer.

Netizens were asking Sebastian on his tweeter account if there are any truth to the rumor and his answer was:

seb tweers


Sorry to disappoint. Im about 90% sure i dont have a sex vid. Unless my ex secretly taped us, in which case someone will die very soon.

90 % sure, where is the other 10 %?

Will Enchong Dee release a statement on the matter soon?

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