Alden Richards debut album track list!

Alden Richards debut album track list!


GMA leading man Alden Richards admits that his debut album under Universal Records speaks a lot about him. The album, which includes his cover of memorable hits – Shamrock’s Haplos, Rey Valera’s Naaalala Ka, Itwchyworm’s Akin Ka Na Lang, among others, is a testament to Alden’s young romantic side. He also has an original song in the album – the romantic Sa Aking Tabi by Vince Katindoy, composer of Ngiti.

The album was launched at the Trinoma Activity Center.

“I really am very thankful that people went out to support me,I have given everything I have for this project.”

Alden expressed gratitude towards Universal Records bosses for the opportunity. General Manager Kathleen Dy-Go, Operations Director Peter Chan, and producer Ito Rapadas, who made sure that Alden’s voice in tip-top shape for the recording.

Alden’s album zoomed to the top of the Astrovision/Astroplus music charts after only a week after its release.

The album’s debut single Haplos instantly rose to the top of the MyMusicStore charts and is now a part of the series Mundo Mo’y Akin as its love theme.

His album is now available at all record bars nationwide.

Track List:

1. Haplos
2. Naalala Ka
3. Cant Find The Reason
4. ‘Di Na Mababawi
5. Sa Aking Tabi
6. Akin Ka Na Lang
7. Everytime I See you



  1. alden ang gwapo mo.ilove u fine ako ng aldum.sana kau mag katuloyan ni yayadum. tnx

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