Forbes Highest Paid Celebrities Full List revealed!

Rank Name Earnings

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. $300 M
2. Manny Pacquiao $160 M
3. Katy Perry $135 M
4. One Direction $130 M
5. Howard Stern $95 M
6. Garth Brooks $90 M
7. James Patterson $89 M
8. Robert Downey Jr. $80 M
9. Taylor Swift $80 M
10. Cristiano Ronaldo $79.5 M
11. Rush Limbaugh $79 M
12. Ellen DeGeneres $75 M
13. Lionel Messi $74 M
14. The Eagles $73.5 M
15. Dr. Phil McGraw $70 M
16. Roger Federer $67 M
17. Calvin Harris $66 M
18. LeBron James $65 M
19. Justin Timberlake $63.5 M
20. David Copperfield $63 M
21. Sean Combs $60 M
22. Gordon Ramsay $60 M
23. Ryan Seacrest $60 M
24. Fleetwood Mac $59.5 M
25. Lady Gaga $59 M
26. Rolling Stones $57.5 M
27. Ed Sheeran $57 M
28. Jay Z $56 M
29. Beyoncé Knowles $54.5 M
30. Kevin Durant $54 M
31. Elton John $53.5 M
32. Toby Keith $53 M
33. Kim Kardashian $52.5 M
34. Jennifer Lawrence $52 M
35. Paul McCartney $51.5 M
36. Phil Mickelson $51 M
37. Tiger Woods $50.5 M
38. Jackie Chan $50 M
39. Kobe Bryant $49.5 M
40. Ben Roethlisberger $49 M
41. Rory McIlroy $48.5 M
42. Novak Djokovic $48 M
43. Vin Diesel $47 M
43. Judy Sheindlin $47 M
45. Michael Bublé $45.5 M
46. Gisele Bündchen $44 M
47. Jason Aldean $43.5 M
48. Luke Bryan $42.5 M
49. Kenny Chesney $42 M
50. Bradley Cooper $41.5 M
51. Adam Sandler $41 M
52. Tom Cruise $40 M
52. Bruno Mars $40 M
54 .Drake $39.5 M
55. Lewis Hamilton $39 M
55. Zlatan Ibrahimovic $39 M
57. Ndamukong Suh $38.5 M
58. Foo Fighters $38 M
59. Tim McGraw $38 M
60. David Guetta $37 M
61. Florida Georgia Line $36.5 M
62 .Jimmy Buffett $36 M
63. Jerry Seinfeld $36 M
64. Tiesto $36 M
65. Fernando Alonso $35.5 M
66. Scarlett Johansson $35.5 M
67. Gareth Bale $35 M
68. David Letterman $35 M
69. Jon Lester $34 M
70. Derrick Rose $34 M
71. Amitabh Bachchan $33.5 M
72. Salman Khan $33.5 M
73. Maroon 5 $33 M
74. Dr. Dre $33 M
75. Sebastian Vettel $33 M
76. Akshay Kumar $32.5 M
77. Rafael Nadal $32.5 M
78. Zac Brown Band $32 M
79 Mark Wahlberg $32 M
80. Pharrell Williams $32 M
81. Dwayne Johnson $31.5 M
82. Mahendra Singh Dhoni $31 M
83. Eminem $31 M
84. Neymar $31 M
85. Britney Spears $31 M
86. Carmelo Anthony $30.5 M
87. Johnny Depp $30 M
88. Maria Sharapova $29.5 M
89. Leonardo DiCaprio $29 M
90. Sean Hannity $29 M
91. Carson Palmer $29 M
92. Jim Parsons $29 M
93. James Rodriguez $29 M
94. Channing Tatum $29 M
95. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting $28.5 M
96. Kevin Hart $28.5 M
97. Miranda Lambert $28.5 M
98. Jennifer Lopez $28.5 M
99. Blake Shelton $28.5 M
100. Sofía Vergara $28.5 M

Source: Forbes


Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins over Manny Pacquiao in a unanimous decision!


Floyd Mayweather remained undefeated and became the unified welterweight champion after hurdling Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao in a fight between two generational talents in what was billed as ‘The Battle for Greatness’ on Sunday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mayweather, now 48-0 in his career, proved his technical prowess in a unanimous decision victory over the eight-division world champion. He won 118-110 on one scorecard and 116-112 in the other two in a decisive victory.

The man they call ‘Money’ was able to use his reach and defensive ability to avoid Manny’s punching power and did enough with his own offense to win the fight. The Compubox numbers had Floyd outlanding Manny, 148-81, on total punches.

The aggressive Pacquiao showed flashes of his vaunted offense, moving forward for much of the contest. But he played into a lot of what his opponent wanted to do as Mayweather landed on counters and lead punches all night long.

Mayweather cemented his place among the pantheon of boxing greats by improving to 48-0 with a unanimous decision over Pacquiao in a fight that lived up to its immense hype and price tag.

Mayweather weathered an early assault by the Filipino southpaw and then won the later rounds to finish ahead on all three judges’ scorecards in a welterweight showdown that is expected to be the top grossing prize fight of all-time.

“When the history books are written, it was worth the wait,” Mayweather said in the ring after a fight that was over five years in the making.

Though Pacquiao repeatedly forced Mayweather to backpedal, the wily American blunted his opponent’s best efforts by using his renowned defensive skills while getting in several telling jabs and punches of his own.

Mayweather and Pacquiao had promised to deliver on years of hype and give fans their money’s worth and were true to their word in delivering everything but a knockout.

“Manny Pacquiao is a hell of fighter, I see now why he is at the pinnacle of boxing,” Mayweather said after an emotional embrace with Pacquiao. “I’m a smart fighter, I outboxed him.”

“We knew what we had to do. He’s a tough competitor … a very awkward fighter and I had to take my time and watch him closely.”

Mayweather is guaranteed at least a $120 million payday from the title bout that had been dubbed the “Fight of the Century” and he said in the ring that his next fight will be his last.

“My next fight in September will be my last and I will retire 49-0,” said the 38-year-old American.

The 16,800 spectators packed an MGM Grand Garden Arena that crackled with energy as the rich and famous settled into their ringside seats.

Actors Clint Eastwood, Robert De Niro, Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington rubbed shoulders with sports celebrities such as Michael Jordan, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and billionaire Donald Trump.

With ringside seats commanding six-figure sums on the resale market even the very wealthy and very famous were forced to call in favors to secure a golden ticket while an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 fight fans flooded into the desert gambling capital to be part of the buzz.

“It is a good fight. I thought I won the fight. He didn’t do nothing. He always moved outside,” said Pacquiao, who dropped to 57-5-3. “I got him many times. I threw the punches and I thought I won the fight.”


Manny Pacquiao to skip the “grand arrival ceremony at the MGM”!


LAS VEGAS — Manny Pacquiao isn’t feeling much love for the hotel where he will fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. in boxing’s richest fight ever.

Pacquiao plans to skip a Tuesday ceremony at the MGM Grand marking formal fighter arrivals, an event that has been standard at the hotel for major championship fights. Pacquiao is staying at another hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, and will have his after fight party at yet another hotel, the Wynn.


Promoter Bob Arum — who has been embroiled in a dispute with the hotel over tickets — said Pacquiao will only go to the MGM for the final pre-fight press conference, the weigh-in and the fight itself.

“We’re not gonna stay there any more than we have to, because we know the way they’ve been acting we’re not welcome,” Arum said.

Pacquiao will head to Las Vegas on Monday after a final four-round sparring session at the Wild Card gym in Hollywood, driving to the fight capital in a car alongside a bus carrying his supporters. He will stay at the Delano at Mandalay Bay, where he almost always stays for his fights.

What’s different this time is that Pacquiao won’t appear at the Tuesday ceremony in the lobby of the MGM Grand, where thousands of fans would be expected to be on hand to cheer on both fighters. The fighters also generally do interviews with a group of writers after their arrival.

“We told them we’re coming in Monday night and we’re going to the Mandalay Bay and we’re not doing a grand arrival at the MGM,” Arum said. “We’ll have the press come over to Mandalay Bay and do an interview with Manny there.”

The MGM Grand Garden is where Pacquiao has won his biggest fights, including bouts against Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto and Ricky Hatton. This will be his 12th fight at the hotel, which for the last two decades has hosted most of the biggest fights in Las Vegas.

But Arum feuded with MGM executives at Pacquiao’s last fight at the MGM, against Timothy Bradley last April, when the hotel featured a huge picture of Mayweather on its facade advertising his next fight. Pacquiao went to Macau for his last fight, a decision win over Chris Algieri that drew a packed house at the Venetian arena there.

The feud escalated in recent weeks as Arum believed MGM executives were conspiring with Mayweather’s camp to give Mayweather more tickets to the fight than allowed under contract. Those ticket rights are worth millions of dollars even at list prices, with the house scaled to some $72 million.

The dispute was finally resolved this week and about 500 tickets went on sale to the public Thursday. They were quickly snatched up, and tickets on the secondary ticket market were being listed at 3-4 times face value for the cheapest $1,500 nosebleed seats to more than $100,000 for the $10,000 ringside floor seats.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. on not trash-talking Pacquiao: “I’m in a position now I don’t have to do that.”!


Throughout his career, Floyd Mayweather Jr. not only threw his punches but he also ran his mouth.

Mayweather’s opponents were on the receiving end of his power punches and boxing’s best pieces of trash-talk.

Surprisingly, however, Mayweather was too quiet leading up to his welterweight unification fight against eight-division World Champion Manny Pacquiao.

In a report fro, boxing’s greatest trash-talker said that all of his verbal abuse were “absolutely” for self-promotion.

“I’ve always thought that,” Mayweather said. “At first, it was like, one way or another, by communication or by my boxing skills, you will watch me, you will see me, I will be seen. But I’m in a position now I don’t have to do that.”

Mayweather going all quiet for a fight is a whole new Mayweather.

For his 2006 fight against Zab Judah, Mayweather said that his opponent has lost focus and was “worried because he’s not getting any money” because of tax issues.

Before fighting Oscar De La Hoya in 2007, Mayweather gave the Golden Boy a platinum-level trash-talking and even stole his opponent’s food and luggage.

For his May 2 fight against Pacquiao at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Mayweather is a whole different man.

He even asked his father, Floyd Sr., to tone down the trash-talk against Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach.

“It was a lot to make this fight happen,” he said. “In the past, everyone was saying it was Floyd (who was blocking the Pacquiao fight). And my thing was this, if I didn’t have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.

“That’s no different than in the past, like I look back at certain things, ‘Damn why did I do that?’ Like, you’re older, you’re wiser, and my focus should only be the fighters that I’m facing. Those are the only people I should have a problem with or a beef with, not anyone else.”



Manny Pacquiao VS Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mega Fight countdown starts!


LOS ANGELES — Manny Pacquiao was out walking the red carpet by the time Floyd Mayweather Jr. arrived, fashionably late for their first appearance together to promote a fight that really needs no promoting.

But it didn’t take long Wednesday for Mayweather to put the fight into perspective in a way that only a fighter nicknamed “Money” can.

“You get to this level where you’re making nine figures in 36 minutes,” Mayweather said, “and you have to be a winner.”

Mayweather had the math right, though he declined to say just how much he will make in the May 2 fight that has stirred excitement far beyond the boxing community. He will get 60 percent of the purse in what is expected to be boxing’s richest fight ever, a haul that could exceed $120 million for Mayweather alone.

Pacquiao won’t do badly, either, in a fight that was five years in the making and will break records in another way — it will cost fans more than any other fight in history to watch both at the MGM Grand arena or in the comfort of their living rooms.

At the only press conference the fighters will do prior to the week of the fight, promoters announced that tickets would range from $1,500 in the upper reaches of the MGM Garden to $7,500 at ringside. The pay-per-view price wasn’t announced, but is expected to be in the $90-100 range.

They may have to reach deep into their pockets to afford it, but there’s little doubt that boxing fans will buy it. They want to see what Mayweather and Pacquiao say they are eager to show — the two biggest draws in boxing settling things between them once and for all in the ring.

“We don’t want to leave a question mark in the minds of fans of boxing,” said Pacquiao, from the Philippines. “It’s also very important this fight is for the honor of my country.”

If the interest in the press conference at a downtown theater was any indication, the fight is already on its way to record business. More than 700 credentials were issued for the event, and both fighters walked a red carpet lined by photographers and video cameras that was worthy of the Academy Awards.

Mayweather came late, though he could walk over from his condo next door. The pay-per-view king was businesslike and relatively subdued, with nothing bad to say about Pacquiao or anyone in his camp.

“It’s always good to have the best fight the best,” Mayweather said. “That’s what’s so intriguing about this match up.”

Mayweather said he was adamant about making the fight, pestering manager Al Haymon to get it done. But the biggest bout in recent history still may not have happened if not for a chance meeting between Mayweather and Pacquiao at a Miami Heat basketball game in January — a meeting that took place only because a big storm on the East Coast delayed Pacquiao’s flight.

Mayweather went to Pacquiao’s hotel suite afterward and the two talked and decided the fight had to be made.

“I didn’t say a lot of words because I didn’t want to say a mistake,” Pacquiao said. “He said there’s an A-side and a B-side and the purse would be 40-60. That’s enough to put me in the B-side.”

Mayweather said the fight reminded him of when he was young and Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard fought in a huge middleweight title match in 1987. Mayweather said he wondered then how there could ever be a fight as big as that one.

Now he’s in a fight that will be bigger, if only because technology has advanced far enough to sell it to almost every home in the country.

“It’s all about timing and I think we couldn’t choose a better time,” Mayweather said. “This is a fight the world can’t miss. This is an unbelievable matchup.”

Both fighters went out of their way to be polite and respectful to each other. Mayweather also had good things to say about Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum, who he often said he would never work with again after being promoted early in his career by Arum.

About the only one not following the script was Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach, who said his fighter will have an easier time against Mayweather than he would have if the fight was made five years ago because Mayweather’s legs are slowing and he can’t move as well as he used to.

“We have to dominate him in the first round and take him out of his comfort zone right away,” Roach said. “Our game plan is to win each round, one at a time.”

Like his fighter, Roach will earn some big money from the bout. He may need it, because Pacquiao is charging him $5 for using a certain swear word that the trainer can’t stop using.

Before the press conference began, Roach was already down $30.

“Salary reduction,” Pacquiao said, laughing as he patted Roach on the knee.



Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero on Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight: “It could go either way, with how fast Manny is.”!


Former world champion Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero could not make a prediction as to who will win the May 2 showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., saying the fight is a toss-up.

“It could go either way, with how fast Manny is,” said Guerrero, as quoted by Boxing Scene.

“It all comes down to timing. If his timing is on, he can catch Mayweather,” he added.

Guerrero is familiar with both men: he lost to Mayweather in 2013 and sparred with Pacquiao in 2005.

Mayweather is the favorite by oddsmakers, but Guerrero believes Pacquiao cannot be discounted.

“He does different things. You don’t have a rhythm, and he’s just so fast, in and out,” Guerrero said of the Filipino star. “And his reaction time, my God, and those hooks.”

“But anything can happen,” he quickly added. “And everyone knows in boxing, one punch changes everything.”

As for who he picks to win, Guerrero only said: “I think it’s a pick ’em fight.”

Pacquiao and Mayweather will face off on May 2 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.


Paquiao-Mayweather May 2 Mega Fight a done deal!


Manny Pacquiao just waiting for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to sign the contract!

Manny Pacquiao is just waiting for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to make his move and finally make the bou between them into reality!


Pacquiao posted the photo above at 01/05/2015 1:10 PM.

Will Flod finally sign the contract?


Manny Pacquiao to Floyd Mayweather Jr.: “Let’s give the fans the fight they want. They have waited long enough.” !


LOS ANGELES, United States – Philippine boxing legend Manny Pacquiao wants to give faithful fight fans a Christmas present — the promise of a blockbuster world title face-off with Floyd Mayweather.

The talk of the long-anticipated bout between the two gained steam in recent days, with Mayweather on Friday proposing a May 2 date and Pacquiao responding with a vow to chase him into submission.

On Tuesday, Pacquiao tweeted another teaser:

“@FloydMayweather, don’t be a boxing humbug. Let’s give the fans the fight they want. They have waited long enough.”

The two were long-time rivals as the “best pound-for-pound” boxers of their generation, but the dream fight has never materialized to the disappointment of the boxing world.

Speaking to Showtime Sports in the US on Friday night, Mayweather, 37, said he wants his next fight to be against the Filipino star.

However, the American nicknamed “Money” said — without giving details — that the expected richest fight in boxing history will only happen if he receives a much bigger share of the purse than his opponent.

Hours later, Pacquiao told AFP from his southern Philippines home city of General Santos that money was not the issue.

“As early as January this year, I challenged him to a charity fight,” said Pacquiao, winner of an unprecedented eight world titles in different weight classes. “Until now, he has not agreed to it. So, money is not the issue in our fight.”

“This fight is about legacy, this is about making the fans happy and, above all, this is for the good of boxing,” Pacquiao said Saturday.


Manny Pacquiao on Flloyd Mayweather Jr. fight: “He has nowhere to run but to fight me.” !

Source: Manila Bulletin

General Santos, Philippines — Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao vowed to chase Floyd Mayweather Jr. into ring submission after his US rival offered to fight him next year in a blockbuster world title face-off.

“He (Mayweather) has reached a dead end. He has nowhere to run but to fight me,” Pacquiao told AFP late Saturday, hours after the undefeated Mayweather issued the May 2 challenge on US television.

The two were longtime rivals as the “best pound-for-pound” boxers of their generation, but the dream fight has never materialized to the disappointment of the boxing world.

“I will try my best to (make) this a thrilling and entertaining fight. But I doubt if he’s gonna engage me in a slugfest,” said the Filipino, winner of an unprecedented eight world titles in different weight classes.

“You all know his fighting style. Most of his previous fights, if not all, induced us to sleep,” said Pacquiao from his southern Philippines home city of General Santos.

Should the fight happen, Pacquiao, who turns 36 on Wednesday, said he will do to Mayweather what he did to another previously undefeated American, Chris Algieri, who lost to the World Boxing Organization welterweight champion in Macau last month.

“I know what I have to do. I will chase him wherever he goes just in case he decides to run around the ring. We will devise a good fight plan against him,” Pacquiao added.

Speaking to Showtime Sports in the US on Friday night, Mayweather, 37, said he wants his next fight to be against the Filipino star.

However, the American nicknamed “Money” said – without giving details – that the expected richest fight in boxing history will only happen if he receives a much bigger share of the purse than his opponent.

In 2012 there was speculation that a fight between the two could lead to the first $200-million purse in boxing history with much of that money coming from pay-per-view sales.

At one point Pacquiao says Mayweather offered him a $40-million purse on the condition Mayweather would keep the pay-per-view money, which would have amounted to more than double what Pacquiao received.

Previous talks were also scuttled because Mayweather says Pacquiao refused to submit to random blood testing.

“Mayweather can get the amount he wants. As early as January this year, I challenged him to a charity fight. Until now, he has not agreed to it. So, money is not the issue in our fight,” Pacquiao said Saturday.

“This fight is about legacy, this is about making the fans happy and, above all, this is for the good of boxing.”